Christian-based Traditional Math Curriculum for 6th Grade

  • It is available in a homeschool kit with all the components you’ll need for one student and one teacher.
  • One strength of BJU Press Math 6 is that the lessons focus on the concepts of that chapter.
  • There are the reviews, but daily problems are from the chapter.
  • If you have a student who wants more of the same type of problems to master a concept, this will be a good mathematics course.

Math 6 Kit

BJU Press Math 6 Kit 283861
Math 6 Homeschool Kit 3E
BJU Press
Item #283861

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BJU Press Math 6 Homeschool Kit 3E

Publisher: BJU Press (Bob Jones University Press)

Item #bju283861

The Bob Jones Math 6 Homeschool Kit 3E includes one of each of the following items:

  • Math 6 Teacher’s Edition, 3E [#275313, ISBN-13: 9781606821138]
    • Each of the seventeen chapters has a Chapter Overview.
    • There are 165 lessons.
    • Each lesson in the Teacher Edition includes reduced Student Worktext pages with overprinted answers for easy grading.
    • The Teacher’s Toolkit CD-Rom, located inside the back cover, contains additional teacher instruction, Instructional Aids pages, Teaching Visuals, Reviews section, Enrichment Pages, Facts Review, Worktext Solutions, and Daily Review Pages Answer Key.
  • Math 6 Student Text, 3E [#514075, ISBN-13: 9781628564396]
    • The BJU Press Math 6 Student Worktext is consumable. Your student can work problems in the book. When the student doesn’t have to copy the problems, there is less chance for copy mistakes. It’s good to see the workbook format going up to 6th grade.
    • The Math 6 student workbook is a larger 8 1/2″ by 11″ paperback. It could be used as a consumable text like those in grades 1 to 5. It has 520 pages. I like the larger 8 1/2″ by 11″ size much better for this age group.
    • There is a Daily Review section in the back of the book. It is listed by chapters. When a Daily Review is to be completed for a lesson, it is indicated on the lower right corner of the page.
    • There is also a Chapter Review to review lessons in each chapter. A Cumulative Review is located at the end of each chapter. All of these reviews help to reinforce learned concepts and avoid taking the student through every concept ever learned every day—which can be overkill for some and confusing for others.
    • Career Links show how math skills are used in real life jobs.
    • Chapters cover topics in arithmetic, Plane Figures and Geometry, Equations, Perimeter  & Area, Volume, Measurement, Statistics, Probability, Integers, Ratios, Proportions, and Percents.
  • Math 4-6 Student Manipulatives, 3E [#269506, ISBN-13: 9781606820315]
    • Printed on sturdy tagboard, the colorful manipulatives are perforated for easy preparation.
    • They are reusable. Save them in a large envelope, ziplock baggie or folder to use in other grades and with other children.
    • Hands-on and visual learners will like these.
    • The Math 4-6 Student Manipulatives include:
      • Geometric shapes
      • Rulers
      • Clock
      • Thermometer
      • Number Cards
      • Fraction Kit,
      • Money Kit
      • Place Value Kits and Mats
      • Measurement Flashcards
      • Multiplication/Division Fact Family Cards (triangle shaped kind)
  • Math 6 Tests, 3E [#275339, ISBN-13: 9781606821145]
    There is a 2-page test for each chapter in BJU Press Math 6. The tests are consumable for use with one student.
  • Math 6 Test Answer Key, 3E [#275347, ISBN-13: 9781606821152]
    Has answers overprinted on the student pages for easy grading.

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