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See History, Geography, Government, and Economics Curriculum

Grade-Based Social Studies.
World History Courses.
United States History Courses for homeschool.
homeschool geography courses.
State history courses.
American government and civics courses.
Economics courses.
Christian Worldview Courses.
Holt McDougal Sociology Package.
Holt McDougal Psychology.
Homeschool Electives.

Grade-Based Social Studies Curriculum

In addition to looking for social studies curriculum by category, you can also choose a grade-based program. These are more traditional courses that are used by homeschool families and Christian schools.

Savvas myWorld Social Studies K-5.

Savvas My World
Grades K-5

Calvert Complete History & Geography Kits.

Calvert History
Complete Kits Gr. 1-2

Into Social Studies Print Components K-6th.

Into Social Studies
Grades K-6th

BJU Press Heritage Studies.

BJU Press Social Studies
Grades 1-12

Notrgass Company History Courses.

Notgrass Company
Homeschool Bundles Gr. 1-12

LIFEPAC History and Geography Curriculum for Grades 1 to 12.

Lifepac History-Geography
Grades 1-12

Paradigm Socials Studies Kits.

Paradigm History
Complete Kits Gr. 7-12

HMH Social Studies Homeschool Kits Gr. 6-12.

HMH Social Studies
Homeschool Bundles Gr. 6-12

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