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Christian Worldview Curriculum

Prepare Your Children With A Worldview Based on Christianity

We recommend the Christian worldview curriculum on this page for high school and up; however, it’s your option to study these courses along with your middle school students. If you are a public school graduate, you will probably learn a few things yourself.

Christian Worldview and Logic Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool

Master Books: Worldviews in Conflict Set.
Worldviews in Conflict
Master Books
Grades 10-12
LIFEPAC Foundations for Living: Christian Worldview ES8915-9780740303715.
Studies in the Christian Worldview
Alpha Omega Publications
High School

Thinking Like a Christian

Arm yourselves! Since you decided to teach your children at home, incorporate a study of the Christian worldview (aka Biblical worldview). The authors of Thinking Like a Christian are David A. Noebel, president and co-founder of Summit Ministries, and Chuck Edwards, an instructor and writer for Summit Ministries. Summit Ministries is a Colorado Springs-based training center that teaches Christians to think and act in keeping with the Biblical worldview. The series is well done with easy to use formatting. I liked the additional reading lists for each chapter. Thus, if your student likes a particular chapter, you can find some meaty reading to supplement the curriculum.

Thinking Like a Christian explores ideas that shape our culture and appropriate Biblical responses.

Are your children prepared to defend their faith in a world that, in most cases, presents ideas contrary to their biblical beliefs?

Thinking Like a Christian is a 12-week curriculum that teaches about the ideas that are shaping our culture and Biblical responses.

  • The Christian worldview is explained in these 10 disciplines: theology, philosophy, biology, psychology, ethics, sociology, law, politics, economics, and history.
  • There are several independent teaching tracks in Thinking Like a Christian: homeschool, group settings for youth and adults, and college level. Included are discussion ideas, skits, interactive segments and reproducible handouts.
  • On the CD-Rom, these supplements are nicely organized into files. The homeschool file was thoughtfully done with homeschooling in mind!
  • If you plan to use this as a course for your student, I recommend using the accompanying Thinking Like a Christian Student Journal

Paperback with a CD-ROM. Available for purchase at Summit Ministries.

Complete Curriculum Kits at Lamp Post Homeschool

Savvas Homeschool Bundles.
Savvas Curriculum
Grades K-12
Print and Digital Kit Combos
Paradigm Complete Curriculum Kits Gr. 7-12
Print or Download
Grades 7-12
Master Books Homeschool Packages.
Master Books
Preschool-12th Grade
Print Kits
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