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Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum: Why and What?

There Are Many Great Reasons to Use Paradigm in Your Homeschool

We tried most of them. Our children and I are happy with the results! [Read more…so many reasons to try Paradigm Homeschool Kits!]

What? Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum listed by Subject

Customers often come back to try another Paradigm subject to teach their children at home.

Paradigm English

Paradigm English Communication Skills at Lamp Post Homeschool.
English Communications
Complete Kit
7th Grade
Paradigm English Grammar.
English Grammar Skills
Complete Kit
8th Grade
Paradigm English Language Skills at Lamp Post Homeschool.
English Language Skills
Complete Kit
9th Grade
Paradigm English Composition Skills at Lamp Post Homeschool.
English Composition Skills
Complete Kit
10th Grade
Paradigm English Writing Skills at Lamp Post Homeschool.
English Writing Skills
Complete Kit
11th Grade
Paradigm English Literature & Philosophy at Lamp Post Homeschool.
English Literature
& Philosophy
12th Grade

Paradigm Science

Paradigm Basic Science Mysteries Complete Kits at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Basic Science Mysteries
Grade 7
Paradigm Natural Science Mysteries Homeschool Kits.
Natural Science Mysteries
Grade 8
Paradigm Integrated Physics & Chemistry Complete Kits.
Integrated Physics & Chemistry Gr. 9 & 10
Year 1 Paradigm Integrated Physics & Chemistry Kits.
Year 1 Only Kit
Integrated Physics & Chemistry
Year 2 Paradigm Integrated Physics & Chemistry.
Year 2 Only Kit
Integrated Physics & Chemistry
Paradigm (PacWorks) Biology Complete Kits.
Grade 11
Paradigm Anatomy & Physiology Complete Kits
Anatomy & Physiology
High School
Paradigm Complete Curriculum Kits Gr. 7-12
Why Use Paradigm?
Motivate & Accelerate

Paradigm Social Studies

Paradigm World History Kit.:
World History
High School
Paradigm American History 1 and 2 Full Course Kit.
US History 1 & 2
High School
Paradigm American History Year 1 Complete Kit.
Us History Year 1
High School
Paradigm American History Year 2 Complete Kit.
US History Year 2
High School
Paradigm World Geography Kit.
World Geography
High School
Paradigm Principles of Economics Complete Set at Lamp Post Homeschool.
High School
Paradigm Government Kit.
High School
Paradigm America's Founding Fathers Kit at Lamp Post Homeschool.
America’s Founding Fathers
High School

Paradigm Math and Electives

Paradigm Basic Math Skills at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Basic Math Skills
Grade 7
Paradigm Intermediate Math Skills at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Intermediate Math Skills
Grade 8
Paradigm Character and Skills for Home and Careers Set.
Home & Careers Course
High School

Why? Top Reasons To Use Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PacWorks)

1. Your student needs to learn to read a text and answer related questions.

  • I suggest any of the Paradigm courses.
  • In my opinion, their curriculum is outstanding for that purpose alone.
  • Every lesson begins with an engaging vignette or narrative.
  • Highlighted vocabulary words are defined in vocabulary boxes at the start of each lesson.

2. Your student needs to learn how to answer different types of questions. Perhaps you used unit studies or the real books approach but didn’t use tests.

  • Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum uses fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, true-false, matching, etc.

3. You want a curriculum that is interesting, and motivational.

  • You will appreciate this principle-based core curriculum. In each lesson, there is a character-building life principle.

4. You are homeschooling boys.

  • Our sons loved Paradigm courses. Typical boys, they would rather go outdoors, work on machines, or do anything other than academics. The Paradigm system keeps them motivated and on track to finish a course.
  • In case you are wondering, two have graduated. Both used 6 to 8 Paradigm courses in their high school years.
  • One joined the workforce after high school graduation. He is successful at his job, which requires on-the-job training and tests afterward.
  • The other son attends college and had made the dean’s list.
  • Paradigm science and history courses are the boy’s favorites. All three liked the Character and Skills for Home and Careers.
  • Girls like Paradigm, too, by the way!

5. You have a late bloomer who is ready to catch up to grade level.

  • Try at least one of the Paradigm subjects. To start, choose the subject in which your child is most likely to succeed. Once your child learns the Paradigm formatting and likes it, add other subjects.

6. You want a structured curriculum that is academic and easy to oversee.

  • Paradigm helps your secondary level student do more work on his own.
  • It promotes you from spoon-feeder to overseer. At this point, that should be the curriculum’s job!
  • “The simplified course structure enables students to comprehend content with ease.” After all, isn’t the goal to teach your children to be independent, self-motivated learners?

7. You want a curriculum that explains the topic in a way the student understands.

  • I asked our daughter who has used most of the Paradigm subjects what she liked most about it.
  • She said, “It explains everything in detail. I understood what I was learning. I learned it.”
  • Her knowledge of English impressed my mother, a former high school/college English teacher.

8. You have an advanced middle school student who needs the skills mentioned above.

  • Advanced students can use it at an earlier age to gain those skills.
  • My sister, a physician, and mother of academic geniuses (#TrueStory), used Paradigm Integrated Chemistry and Physics (Grade 9-12) with her 7th-grade daughter. She gave it a rave review!

9. Paradigm courses are now available in two versions: Print or Digital Downloads.

  • The Print Version is great if you want traditional printed material. It is easier to keep track of the student’s work, particularly if you have to keep a portfolio (as required in Pennsylvania.)
  • The Digital Download is better if you live overseas and want to save on shipping, if you’d rather print only the pages you need and view the rest on a pc, tablet, or smartphone, if you travel a lot and don’t want to take books along. 

10. Motivate and Accelerate with Paradigm Curriculum.

Motivate and accelerate with Paradigm Curriculum.
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