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Horizons Complete Curriculum Kits

Build Fundamental Skills in Math, Phonics, Reading, Penmanship, Health & PE

The highly rated Horizons program is well received among home educators. [Features…]

Horizons Homeschool Kits for Grades K-9 at LampPostHomeschool.com.
Horizons Homeschool Kits for Grades K-9

Horizons Complete Grade Sets Preschool to 3rd Grade

Each Horizons complete grade set contains all the student books, workbooks, and teacher’s guides for one year of lessons.

Horizons Preschool for 3s.
Preschool for 3s
Homeschool Kit
Horizons Preschool.
Preschool Kit
Horizons Kindergarten.
Kindergarten Kit
Horizons 1st Grade Complete Kit.
1st Grade Set
Horizons 2nd Grade Complete Kit.
2nd Grade Set
Horizons 3rd Grade Complete Kit.
3rd Grade Set

Individual Horizons Subject Kits

Each Horizons complete subject set contains the necessary components for one student and one teacher for a year of lessons.  

Horizons Phonics and Reading.
Phonics & Reading K-3
Horizons Math Curriculum Gr. K-9.
Horizons Math K-9
Complete Kits
Horizons Spelling & Vocabulary Grades 1-3.
Spelling & Vocabulary 1-3
Complete Kits
Horizons Penmanship 1-6
Horizons Penmanship 1-6
Complete Kits
Horizons Penmanship 1-6
Horizons Penmanship 1-6
Complete Kits
Horizons Physical Education.
Physical Education
Horizons K-12th

AOP Certified Reseller.Features and Benefits of Horizons Curriculum

  • Horizons curriculum is an alternative to the LIFEPAC courses.
  • It is available from preschool to grade 6.
  • It emphasized a spiral learning approach with a structured program.
    • Introduces, develops, and reviews material as needed.
  • Comes with complete lesson plans
  • It involves the teacher with this curriculum. Horizons curriculum is not intended to be an independent study program.
  • The lessons are bright and colorful, with interesting graphics and eye-pleasing layouts.
  • Free download: Math Readiness Evaluation in PDF format

Horizons® is a registered trademark of Alpha Omega Publications.

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