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Horizons 1st Grade Complete Set 9780740309380

Build Fundamental Skills in First Grade Math, Reading, Spelling, Penmanship, and Health

Each Horizons complete grade 1 set contains all the student books, workbooks, and teacher’s guides for one year of lessons. [Features…]

1st Grade Complete

Horizons 1st Grade Complete Set.
Horizons 1st Grade Set

Horizons 1st Grade Set

Price $424.50

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Horizons 1st Grade Complete Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #HSC100
ISBN-13: 9780740309380

AOP Certified Reseller.Features and Benefits of Horizons 1st Grade Curriculum

  • Emphasizes a spiral learning approach with a structured program.
  • Introduces, develops, and reviews material as needed.
  • Comes with complete 1st grade lesson plans
  • It involves the teacher with this curriculum. Horizons curriculum is not intended to be an independent study program.
  • The lessons are bright and colorful, with interesting graphics and eye-pleasing layouts.
  • Free download: Math Readiness Evaluation in PDF format

Horizons 1st Grade Complete Set includes one of each of the following Horizons subject sets:

Individual subject kits also available for purchase.

Grade 1

Price $424.50

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Individual Horizons First Grade Subjects at Lamp Post Homeschool

Horizons 1st Grade Math Kit.
Horizons Math 1
Horizons Phonics & Reading 1 Kits.
Phonics & Reading 1
Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary 1 Kits.
Spelling & Vocabulary 1
Horizons Penmanship 1 Kits.
Horizons Penmanship 1
Horizons Health 1 Kit.
Horizons Health 1

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