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Homeschool Electives Curriculum

You’ve Come to the Right Place to Find Homeschool Elective Courses For Your Student!

As more high school students are taught at home, the need for more homeschool electives curriculum choices is being recognized by publishers. We have a wide variety of elective courses from which to choose. [Read more…]

Career and Technical Education

Switched-On Career & Technical Education.

Career & Technical
Switched-On USB
High School

Paradigm Character and Skills for Home and Careers.

Home & Careers
High School

Typing and Keyboarding courses.

Typing & Keyboarding

Find a Career.

Finding a Career
High School

Christian Worldview Curriculum

BJU Press Biblical Wordview Kit.

Biblical Worldview Kit
[Uses KJV or ESV]
BJU Press
Grades 11 or 12

Worldviews in Conflicts.

Worldviews in Conflict
Grades 10-12

Studies in Christian Worldview.

Foundations for Living
High School

Fine Arts Homeschool Electives

Art Electives.

Art Electives
Grades K-12th

Music Electives.

Music Electives
Grades K-12th

Speech & Drama Electives.

Speech & Drama
High School

Worship Guitar Class.

Worship Guitar

Mathematics Homeschool Electives

BJU Press Consumer Math.

Consumer Math
BJU Press
High School

LIFEPAC Accounting.

Lifepac Boxed Set

LIFEPAC Consumer Math.

Consumer Math
Lifepac Boxed Set

Switched-On Math.

Math Electives
Switched-On USB

Science and Health Homeschool Electives

Creation or Evolution.

Creation or Evolution
Grades 6 and up

Health Electives.

Health Courses
Grades K-12

Physical Education Electives.

Physical Education
Grades K-12th

Social Studies Homeschool Electives

Economics Curriculum.

High School

State History Curriculum.

State History

2018 Sociology Homeschool Package.

HMH Sociology High School

HMH Psychology 2018 Kit.

HMH Psychology
High School

More About Homeschool Electives

For high school, there are alternatives to the traditional academic study track. You can use electives to help your student:

  • Pursue specific talents such as performing arts or technical skills.
  • Learn life skills such as consumer math or home economics.
  • Satisfy state requirements with a course in music, speech, PE, health, or art.
  • Have a fun course in addition to the academic track.
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