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LIFEPAC Accounting Elective Set

Teach Accounting At Home With A Complete Christian-based Homeschool Set for 7th-12 Grades

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The focus is on money management and accounting procedures with a business emphasis. Everything you need for one student and one teacher is in the complete LIFEPAC Accounting Boxed Set.

LIFEPAC Accounting

Lifepac Accounting Set, 9780740301964.

LIFEPAC Accounting Set

Price $108.00

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LIFEPAC Accounting Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

ISBN-13: 9780740301964
Item #ES9315

The LIFEPAC Accounting Set includes an overview of debits and credits, taxes, journalizing and posting transactions, financial statements, payroll accounting, and a business simulation activity. Lessons are self-paced for the independant learner.

Topics in Accounting include:

  1. Accounting Overview
  2. Starting an Accounting System
  3. Analyzing & Journalizing Transactions
  4. Posting to the General Ledger
  5. Preparing the Worksheet
  6. Financial Staements
  7. Adjusting & closing Entries
  8. Prayroll Records
  9. Paryoll Accounting
  10. Business Simulation

This LIFEPAC Elective Accounting boxed set includes 10 LIFEPAC’s plus Teacher’s Guide.

For grades 7 to 12, this course is a year-long course for one credit in Jr. or Sr. High.

Price $108.00

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