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Fine Arts Curriculum

Welcome to Our Fine Arts Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool.

Teaching fine arts in the homeschool setting doesn’t have to be boring or difficult with these family and homeschool oriented resources and curriculum.

A key to discovering hidden talents is to teach the child about various art techniques, music styles, or instruments. When the child displays a desire to create more of the same (on his own,) show him some other techniques or styles and see what he does. You may have a budding artist or musician on your hands!

The beauty of homeschooling is that when your child exhibits an extraordinary gift, you can give extra time teaching, lessons, and practice for that talent.

Homeschool Fine Arts Curriculum

Artistic Pursuits Art Courses PreK-12 at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Artistic Pursuits
Preschool-12th Grade
Drawing with Bruce 6-Book Art Bundle by Bruce McIntyre
Drawing Textbook 6-Book Bundle
All Ages
How Great Thou Art Curriculum.
How Great Thou Art
K-12th Grade
Art History Electives.
Art History
HIgh School
Color the Classics Music appreciation and history curriculum.
Music History & Appreciation
K-12th Grades
Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class courses.
Worship Guitar Class
All Ages
Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class for Kids.
Worship Guitar Class for Kids
All Ages
Electives Curriculum Clearance at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Electives Clearance

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