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Common Sense Press Curriculum

Build Fundamental Skills in Language Arts, Composition, Editing, Bible History, Science, Spelling, and Math.

The highly rated Common Sense Press programs are proven and popular among home educators. [Features…]

Common Sense Science~NEW!!

This new series will be replacing the Great Science Adventures is a new updated, homeschool friendly, and easier to use course! Plants and Oceans are available now. More Common Sense Science courses are in the works!

Common Sense Science Plants Print Set.
Plants Set
Common Sense Science
Grades 1-6
Common Sense Science Oceans Print Set.
Oceans Set
Common Sense Science
Grades 1-6

Language Arts Courses~Common Sense Press

Learnin Language Arts Through Literature requires additional books that are available for purchase or to borrow at your local library. The other language arts courses from Common Sense Press require no extra books.

Learning Language Arts Through Literature K-12
Integrated ELA
Wordsmith Composition Curriculum.
Great Editing Adventures Curriculum.
Great Editing Adventures
Find Grammar Errors!
Grades 4-6
Great Explorations in Editing Ebooks.
Great Explorations in Editing
Grades 7-9
Paragraph Writing for Kids.
Paragraph Writing
Grades 4-6
How to Teach Any Child to Spell: Tricks of the Trade.
How to Teach Any Kid to Spell

Great Science Adventures Courses~Common Sense Press

These multi-level topical courses make it easy to teach science to all your children aged K-8th. Typically, you will complete 2-3 topics per year depending on how much material you choose to cover.

Great Science Adventures~Common Sense Press.
Great Science Adventures for K-8th Grade

History Courses~Common Sense Press

Pillars of History~Bible History from Common Sense Press.
Pillars of History
Bible History
Multi-Level K-8th
Learning American History Through Literature at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Learning American History Through Literature
United States History
Multi-Level 1-8th

Grocery Cart Math

When you want to do something different in math for a season while keeping up math skills, try Grocery Cart Math. Turn trips to the grocery into fun math lessons that count for school!

Grocery Cart Math Ebook.
Grocery Cart Math Ebook
Common Sense Press

Features of Common Sense Press Homeschool Curriculum

  • Common Sense Press courses are different and geared to homeschooling.
  • Courses are available for kindergarten to high school.
  • The teacher is involved with this curriculum; however, many of the courses can are multi-level which means you can teach several of your children together.
  • Learning Language Arts Through Literature and Great Science Adventures are #LampPostHomeschool Favorites.
  • The lessons are bright and colorful, with interesting graphics and eye-pleasing layouts.
  • The curriculum is formatted for ease of use for teacher and student.
  • Most of the courses have samples to download for previewing.

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