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Common Sense Press Grocery Cart Math E-Book

Learn Practical Math Skills at the Grocery Store!

Count trips to the grocery store for homeschool math with Grocery Cart Math E-Book!

E-Book for Grocery Cart Math

E-Book Grocery Cart Math.

E-Book: Grocery Cart Math
Publisher: Common Sense Press
Item #ebook9781880892671

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E-Book: Grocery Cart Math

Use Grocery Cart Math E-Book to count trips to the grocery store for homeschooling!

Features of Grocery Cart Math are:

  • Students learn basic math skills with grocery store activities
  • Has activities to do at the store and at home
  • Has questions to discuss with parents
  • Download Sample Lesson at the publisher’s website (Opens in a new tab)

Grocery Cart Math E-Book, “wonderfully illustrated and easy to read, is an excellent way for children to learn about different forms of currency with fun learning activities for everyone.”

Why buy the Grocery Cart Math E-Book?

  • Exact Same Content as the printed version
  • Costs Less than the printed version
  • No Shipping Fees
  • No Cumbersome Binding

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Grade: Multi-level 

Price $6.00

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