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What Type of Homeschool Math Curriculum Does Your Child Need? Grades K to 12

How do you want to teach your homeschool math—grade-based, multi-level, or by subject? [Read more…]

Horizons Math Curriculum Gr. K-9.
Boxed Sets
Grades K-8th
Calvert Math Homeschool Kits K-5.
Calvert Complete Math Kits
Calvert Publications
Grades K-5th
Savvas enVision Math 2.0 Homeschool Packages for Kindergarten to 8th Grade.
enVisionMath K-8
Homeschool Bundles
Savvas Learning Company
Savvas EnVision AGA High School Kits.
enVision A | G | A
High School
Savvas Learning Company
Saxon Math Homeschool Kits for K-12th.
Homeschool Kits
K to 12th Grade
HMH Go Math K-8 Homeschool Kits.
Go Math Grades K-8
K-6 Homeschool Kits
Gr. 7-8 Print Components
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
HMH Math in Focus: Singapore Approach Kits for grades K-8.
Singapore Approach
Grades K-5
Print Components
LIFEPAC Math Grades K-12 at LampPostHomeschool.com.
Boxed Sets
Kindergarten to 12th Grade
Savvas Modern Curriculum Press Math Complete Homeschool Kits K-6..
Savvas Learning
Grades K-6
Paradigm Math Curriculum Grades 7-8.
Homeschool Kits
Grades 7-8
AP Calculus: Graphing, Numerical, Algebra Homeschool Kit.
Savvvas Learning Company
High School
Grocery Cart Math Ebook.
Common Sense Press
Math Lessons for a Living Education K-6.
Master Books
Grades K-6th
Master Books Principles of Math 1 Set.
Principles of Mathematics 1 & 2
Master Books
Grades 7 & 8
Jacobs Geometry Homeschool Bundle with DVD.
Jacobs Geometry
Curriculum Packs
Jacobs Elementary Algebra Bundle 9781683443575.
Elementary Algebra
Curriculum Packs
Lifepac Accounting Set, 9780740301964.
LifePac Accounting
Homeschool Set
High School
Lifepac Consumer Math Set, 9780740342844.
LIFEPAC Consumer Math
Revised 2024
Math Flipper Guides at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Math Flipper Guides
Math Curriculum Clearance at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Homeschool Math Clearance

What Type of Homeschool Math Curriculum Do You need for Your Child?

Study Math at The Appropriate Grade Level For Each Child with Grade-Based Math Courses

  • Individualize math instruction for each child at the appropriate grade level.
  • Focus on what they need to learn in math, not on the grade level.
  • Build a firm foundation in math to ensure future success in higher level math subjects such as geometry and algebra.
  • Allow each child to work at a pace that helps him master math topics.
  • We carry traditional grade-based homeschool math curriculum for grades K-12.

Do You Need Specific Math Subjects or Electives?

  • Does your child need to beef up a specific secondary math subject such as geometry or algebra?
  • Math electives are helpful when you need a math course that isn’t on the traditional high school track?

Choose a Multi-level Math Course When:

We recommend that you individualize math for each child. However, there are times when you can use multi-level math curriculum with multiple children.

  • Everyone needs a break from the math routine—It’s ok to take a break from the regular routine.
  • You have two or more students who are at the same level in math and like to work together.
  • You have students who need to focus on a particular topic in math such as learning fractions or decimals.
  • You want to do fun math activities that help your students boost their math skills.

Supplement Your Math Curriculum With These Resources

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