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LIFEPAC Horizons, and Calvert Offer More Structure, Ease of Use, High-Quality Courses

Alpha Omega Publications complete homeschooling curriculum sets offer more structure, ease of use, and high-quality academically proven courses. Everything you need for teaching your children at home is included: Teacher Guide, Student Text, and Tests. [Features…]

Alpha Omega Publications homeschool curriculum: Calvert PreK-5, Horizons PreK-9, LIFEPAC K-12, and Bible Stories for Early Readers at LampPostHomeschool.com
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LIFEPAC, Horizons, Calvert, and Bible Stories for Early Readers

LifePac Curriculum
Complete Print Kits
Grades K-12
Horizons Complete Curriculum.
Horizons Curriculum
Complete Print Kits
Grades K-9
Calvert Publications Complete Homeschool Curriculum Kits Preschool - 4th Grade.
Calvert Homeschool Kits
Complete Print Kits
Grades K-2nd
Bible Stories for Early Readers Series.
Bible Stories for Early Readers
Word Building Readers

Features and Benefits of Alpha Omega Publications Complete Homeschooling Curriculum

  • &LIFEPAC curriculum emphasize mastery learning.AOP Certified Reseller.
  • The concept behind mastery learning is “Any student can succeed if given the right amount of time and the proper tools to learn.” Structured coursework is given in smaller increments.
  • Students are allowed to move on when they show they mastered the material through quizzes and tests.
  • If you are new to Alpha Omega Publications curriculum, you can use placement tests to place your students in the Horizons and LIFEPAC programs.
    • Filling in the Gaps?
    • One homeschooling mom used these tests when she took her children out of public school to find learning gaps.
      Then she taught the necessary material to get them up to grade level.
    • Diagnostic Tests are available for free downloading below.
  • You can use selected subjects in this curriculum to augment your regular program.
    • For example, we’ve used the Health Quest with our children.
    • Another course we liked is the LIFEPAC Civics.
  • Another nice feature of the LIFEPACs is that they are “grandparent” friendly.
    • When their Grandma visits, she offers to help the boys with their homeschooling.
      She loves working with the boys on their LIFEPACs!
      It is easy for her to figure out what they need to do next without asking me or reading a teacher’s manual.
  • Includes Horizons, Lifepacs and Bible Stories for Early Readers.
  • LifePac Science Experiments DVDs are available for Lifepac Science Grades 4-10.

Diagnostic Tests

Download the following diagnostic tests to place your child in Lifepac and Horizons—

Horizons® and LIFEPACs® are registered trademarks of Alpha Omega Publications.

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