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Critical Thinking Skills Curriculum

Teaching Skills for Problem Solving and Creativity Is Important

Being able to think creatively or critically is an important tool to combat sheep thinking—thinking like the rest of the sheep and doing what your peers do. It is an important ability for those who aspire to be inventors, problem solvers, and movers and shakers.

Practical Critical Thinking.0
Practical Critical Thinking
Grades 9-12
Building Thinking Skills.
Building Thinking Skills
Age 3 to Grade 12+
Reading Detective.
Reading Detective
Grades 3-12
Language Smarts.
Language Smarts
Grades 1-4
Editor In Chief.
Editor in Chief Series
Grades 2-12
Word Roots.
Word Roots
Grades 3-12
Mathematical Reasoning.
Mathematical Reasoning
Age 3 to Grade 9

Christian Worldview Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool

BJU Press Biblical Wordview Kit.
Biblical Worldview Kit
[Uses KJV or ESV]
BJU Press
Grades 11 or 12
Worldviews in Conflicts.
Worldviews in Conflict
Grades 10-12
Studies in Christian Worldview.
Studies in the Christian Worldview
High School
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