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Fun-Time Phonics! CLEARANCE ISBN-13: 9781601445780

Easy and Fun Reading Program From The Critical Thinking Company

Fun-Time Phonics!™ Learning to Read is based on scientific findings of the National Reading Commission.

  • We like the formatting because each page has everything you need to do it with your child.
  • Each page has full-color pictures and a good amount of instruction and/or exercises.
  • It should be easy to finish the work on a page in a few minutes—that’s motivational and less frustrating for the beginner.
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Fun-Time Phonics!~CLEARANCE

Fun-Time Phonics! Learning to Read By Robert Femiano, Critical Thinking Company 9781601445780
Fun-Time Phonics!
Learning to Read

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Fun-Time Phonics! Learning to Read

By Robert Femiano, Publisher: Critical Thinking Company

ISBN-13: 9781601445780

Fun-Time Phonics! Learning to Read, the first in a new series from Critical Thinking Company is a fun and easy reading program.

Here are some facts about the program from the publisher:

  • Fun-Time Phonics! teaches students that spoken words are composed of individual sounds (phonemes), and those sounds are written with letters.
  • Armed with this understanding of how print works as a code, reading becomes much easier than other more complicated approaches.
  • This program ensures complete phonemic awareness mastery by focusing on vowel isolation, which is often the most challenging–but most important–part of learning to read.
  • Once students grasp how vowels influence the sound of the consonants and control the meaning of the words, they are only a step away from fluency.
  • Fun-Time Phonics!™ places emphasis on vowel patterns, not on the memorization of rules.
  • It is also intentional vocabulary-building, as a key to comprehension.
  • This classroom-proven program is highly effective with all beginning readers, including those struggling and those excelling, because it:
    • Builds from students’ natural speaking abilities, developing their auditory awareness of vowel sounds
    • Incorporates multi-sensory instruction for introducing the alphabet and short vowels
    • Provides cognitively-engaging connected text for practice  
    • Utilizes co-articulation to introduce consonant sounds, eliminating traditional stumbling blocks and ensuring a successful reading start
    • Involves multiple regions of the brain–analytical as well as artistic and language–providing various pathways to long-term memory and automatic word recall click a media icon for more details
  • Download sample pages from Fun-Time Phonics!

Paperback with 320 pages

Grades: PreK-2

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