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Homeschool Spelling Curriculum

Check Out the Homeschool-friendly Spelling Courses at Lamp Post Homeschool

Stand-Alone Spelling Programs

If you are looking for a spelling program to supplement your English language arts program, then we suggest these programs.

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary 1-3.

Horizons Sets
Spelling & Vocabulary 1-3
Grades 1-3

Spelling Power Multi-Sensory Spelling Program.

Spelling Power 4th Ed.

BJU Press Spelling.

BJU Press Spelling
Homeschool Kits
Grades 1-6

MCP Spelling Workout Homeschool Kits 1-8.

Spelling Workout A-H
Modern Curriculum Press
Gr. 1-8

How to Teach Any Child to Spell Teacher Ebook.

Teach Any Child to SPELL
Common Sense Press
Grades 2-12

Apples Daily Spelling Drills for Secondary Students.

Apples Daily Spelling
By Susan Kemmerer
Grades 5-12

Apples 2 Daily Phonics Drills For Secondary Students.

Apples Daily Phonics
By Susan Kemmerer
Grades 5-12

Integrated Language Arts Programs That Include Spelling

Did you know spelling is included in integrated language arts programs like Learning Language Arts Through Literature, LIFEPAC Language Arts, Calvert, and Savvas myView Literacy? Save teacher time with one complete language arts course!

Learning Language Arts Through Literature.

Learning Language Arts
Through Literature Gr. 1-12

LifePac Language Arts K-12.

LIFEPAC Language Arts
Grades K-12

My View Literacy homeschool bundles K-5

Savvas myView Literacy
Language Arts Gr. K-5

Calvert Complete Homeschool Kits K-2.

Calvert Language Arts
Grades K-2

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