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LIFEPAC Language Arts Curriculum for Grades K to 12

A Complete Language Arts Course—Makes it easy to homeschool!

What is a good homeschool language arts curriculum? When you are looking for a complete language arts program, then LIFEPAC Boxed Sets for kindergarten to 12th grade can work for you.

Why use Lifepacs? When you are new to homeschooling, you want to make sure you’ve covered all the academic bases. Or maybe you want a course that’s easier to manage for your student. You can’t go wrong with this complete Christian-based language arts curriculum. Everything you need to teach language arts for one year, easy-to-follow schedule and teacher instructions, smaller student workbooks instead of an unwieldy textbook, and a proven track record with homeschoolers are what Lifepac Complete Sets have to offer!  [Features…]

LIFEPAC Language Arts K Set 9780867178333.
Kindergarten Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LifePac 1 Language Arts Set 9780867170504.
1st Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LifePac 2nd Grade Language Arts Set 9780740319440.
2nd Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LIFEPAC Language Arts 3 Set 9780867170542.
3rd Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LIFEPAC Language Arts 4 Set 9780867170566.
4th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LifePac 5th Grade Language Arts Set 9780867170580.
5th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LifePac 6th Grade Language Arts Set 9780867170603.
6th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LIFEPAC Language Arts 7 Set 9780867170627.
7th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LIFEPAC Language Arts 8 Set 9780867170641.
8th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LIFEPAC Language Arts 9 Set 9780867170665.
9th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LifePac Language Arts 10 Set 9780867172218.
10th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LifePac 11th Grade Language Arts Set 9781580957069.
11th Grade Set
LIFEPAC Language Arts
LIFEPAC 12th Grade Language Arts Set 9781580957090.
12th Grade
LIFEPAC Language Arts
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Features of Language Arts LIFEPAC Boxed Sets

  • This is a one-year Christian mastery-based language arts worktext curriculum available in boxed sets for kindergarten to 12th grade.
  • A worktext is a combination of a student text and a workbook. It’s smaller and easier to handle than a large textbook.
  • Each LIFEPAC® Language Arts worktext includes the subject text, exercises, projects, review, and tests.
  • Each LIFEPAC Language Arts Teacher’s Guide has answer keys, alternate tests, assignment instructions, supply lists for projects and experiments, and suggestions for more activities.
  • Conveniently boxed for easy storage of all the components.
  • Structure and goals for each lesson are in the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Phonics is a major part of LIFEPAC Language Arts until third grade.
  • After 3rd grade, the spelling lessons will review phonics concepts.
  • LIFEPAC Language Arts includes spelling from 2nd grade until 8th grade.
  • Penmanship skills instruction starts in kindergarten and taught through grade 6.
  • During the 2nd grade, cursive writing instruction starts.
  • In grades 3 to 6, grammar skills emphasize parts of speech and capitalization and punctuation rules.

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