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LIFEPAC Language Arts 3 Set 9780867170542

A Complete Language Arts 3 Course: Reading Skills—Makes it easy to homeschool!

This is a one-year Christian mastery-based language arts worktext curriculum available in boxed sets for third grade. A worktext is a combination of a student text and a workbook. It’s smaller and easier to handle than a large textbook. [Features]

Language Arts 3 Set

LIFEPAC Language Arts 3 Set 9780867170542.
Language Arts 3

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LIFEPAC Language Arts Grade 3 Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #LAN0315

Features of Language Arts LIFEPAC 4

  • The LIFEPAC Language Arts 3 Set includes a teacher’s guide and ten student worktexts.
  • Each LIFEPAC® Student 3 Worktext includes the subject text, exercises, projects, review, and tests.
  • Each Teacher’s Guide 3 has answer keys, alternate tests, assignment instructions, supply lists for projects and experiments, and suggestions for more activities.
  • Conveniently boxed for easy storage of all the components.
  • Structure and goals for each lesson are in the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Spelling lessons review phonics concepts.
  • Penmanship skills instruction includes cursive writing instruction.
  • Grammar skills emphasize parts of speech and capitalization and punctuation rules.

Topics in LIFEPAC Language Arts 3 include:

  1. Old & New Skills
  2. Building Words & Sentences
  3. Words: Getting to the Roots
  4. Words: How to Use Them
  5. Sentence: Start to Finish
  6. All about Books
  7. Reading & Writing
  8. Reading skills
  9. More Reading & Writing
  10. Reading & Writing Skills Review

Third Grade

Price $108.00

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