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Vocabulary Workbooks and Curriculum

Enhance Your Student’s Education With These Vocabulary Courses

Increasing your child’s vocabulary is key to higher learning. We like the vocabulary courses that focus on Latin and Greek roots. Knowing the basic suffixes, prefixes, and roots will help your child to understand the meaning of more new words.

Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary 1-3.

Spelling & Vocabulary
Grades 1-3

Words Their Way Homeschool Package for K-5th.

Words Their Way
Vocabulary Package for K-5
Savvas Homeschool

Words Their Way Volue 1 Homeschool Bundle.

Words Their Way 1
Vocabulary Package for 6-12
Savvas Homeschool


Words Their Way 2
Vocabulary Package for 6-12
Savvas Homeschool

Jensen's Vocabulary.

Jensen’s Vocabulary
Master Books
Grades 7-12

Word Roots Level 2 Workbook 9781601446725

Word Roots
Critical Thinking Co.
Grade 2 to 12

Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4-11.

Vocabulary Classical Roots
Grades 4 to 11

Jensen’s Vocabulary

Jensen's Vocabulary.

Jensen’s Vocabulary
by Frode Jensen

List $33.00

Price $29.99

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Jensen’s Vocabulary: The Easy Way to a Great Vocabulary

By Frode Jensen, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN-13: 9780890519950

A systematic program of learning roots, affixes, and words. Jensen’s Vocabulary course provides excellent results on standardized tests.

  • Learn over 1,000 words from basic roots.
  • Provides several scheduling options.
  • Gives weekly reinforcement with four types of exercises for each set.
  • Learn to intelligently guess the meaning of new words.
  • Download Sample Pages of Jensen’s Vocabulary

Grades 7-12 (Best for 7-9)

List $33.00

Price $29.99

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