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Homeschool Geography Curriculum

Choose Grade-Based Textbooks or Multi-level Geography Courses

All of these geography courses use a traditional approach. They are typically one-year courses except as noted. Multi-level courses are useful when you want to use one course for several students in different grades. Save teacher time by using multi-level homeschool geography courses. Teach children at different grade levels at home, in homeschool co-ops, or in small Christian schools. Family-friendly courses make it fun to learn geography at home. 

Geography of the 50 States.
By Joy Dean
Grades 3-12 Multi-level
LIFEPAC 4th Grade History Set.

4th Grade

BJU Press Cultural Geography.

BJU Press
Grade 9

Paradigm World Geography.
Paradigm Accelerated
High School
HMH Eastern World Geography Homeschool Package.
HMH ©2019
ISBN-13: 9780358062226
Middle School
HMH Western World Geography Homeschool Package.
HMH ©2019
ISBN-13: 9780358062233
Middle School
HMH World Geography Homeschool Package.
HMH ©2019
ISBN-13: 9780358062219
Middle School
HMH Global Geography 2019.
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN-13: 9780358062240
High School
LIFEPAC History 9 Set.
Lifepac History 9
9th Grade
Switched-On Schoolhouse History & Geography 9 On USB.
World Geography/Civics
Grade 9
Elementary Geography and Cultures.
Master Books
Grades 4-6th

Enhance Any Geography Study With These Excellent Resources

Print maps as you need them, find recipes from the US and around the world, and learn more about the people and animals of the world.

Children Just Like Me

Children Just Like Me: Celebrations!
Children Just Like Me: Celebrations! 9780789420275

Children Just Like Me

ISBN-13: 9780789420275

Barnabas and Anabel Kindersley, creators of the acclaimed “Children Just Like Me”, meet with children around the world as they celebrate 25 of their favorite holidays and traditions.

With stunning photographs and illustrations, readers meet each child and learn the significance of the chosen celebration.

Price $18.95

Price $14.97

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Eat Your Way Around the World

Eat Your Way Around the World.
Eat Your Way Around the World 9781931397360

Eat Your Way Around the World

By Loree Pettit, Publisher: Geography Matters

ISBN-13: 9781931397360

Eat Your Way Around the World has recipes from over thirty countries.

Supplement any world geography curriculum with cultural tidbits for each country include etiquette hints, food profiles, and Culture a la Carte.

Some of the activities are making a food journal, a passport, and having a world travel night.

Preview sample pages at the publisher’s website.

Grades K-12

Price $14.95

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Physical Geography Flipper

Physical Geography Flipper.
Physical Geography Flipper 9781878383655

Physical Geography Flipper Guide

By Christopher Lee Publications

ISBN-13: 9781878383075

The Physical Geography Flipper Guide covers axis, altitude, reef, piedmont, strait, inlet, etc. for grades 6 to 10.

List $9.95

Price $8.49

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USA Cookbook

Eat Your Way Through the USA Cookbook.
Eat Your Way Through the USA 9781931397346

Eat Your Way Through the USA

By Loree Pettit, Publisher: Geography Matters

ISBN-13: 9781931397346

Eat Your Way Through the U.S.A. is more than just a cookbook.

  • Each state has its unique geographical features and agricultural products. These influence both the ingredients that go into a recipe and the way food is prepared.
  • With Eat Your Way Through the USA, you can experience a different meal from each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia.
  • Easy to follow recipes for a full meal from each state are included.
  • There is a set of interesting food facts from each state to supplement your cooking experience.
  • Use this multi-level resource to add cooking experience to your geography curriculum.

Preview Sample Pages (Opens in a new window at the publisher’s website)

This is a great cookbook full of wonderful recipes and also teaches children unique facts about each U.S. state. My family especially loves the homemade Chicken Dumpling recipe” Anna J.

Price $14.95

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Breathtaking Birds

Breathtaking Birds Marvels of Creation.
Breathtaking Birds Marvels of Creation 9780890514573

Breathtaking Birds Marvels of Creation

By Buddy and Kay Davis, Author, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN: 9780890514573

Breathtaking Birds is a hardcover book with full-color photographs of birds and descriptions.

Sale $12.99

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Magnificent Mammals

Magnificent Mammals Marvels of Creation.
Magnificent Mammals Marvels of Creation 9780890514566

Magnificent Mammals Marvels of Creation

By Buddy and Kay Davis, Publisher: Master Books

ISBN: 9780890514566

Magnificent Mammals is a full-color, hardcover book chock-full of great information about animals, from black bear to bass. Buddy and Kay Davis, through their love of nature, have written books perfect for Christian education, or just recreational reading.

Sale $12.99

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