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LIFEPAC History-Geography 9 Set 9780867170429

What Is A Good Homeschool Civics and World Geography Course for 9th Grade?

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Lifepac History-Geography 9 emphasize your student’s understanding of and appreciation for God’s activity as seen in the record of man and his relationships.

The focus of the series is on six major themes: Geography, History, Government, Citizenship, Economics, and Social Sciences.

History & Geography 9 Set

LIFEPAC History and Geography 9 Set 9780867170429.
LIFEPAC History 9 Set

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LIFEPAC History 9 Set (Civics & World Geography)

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #HIS0915

ISBN-13: 9780867170429

Features of LIFEPAC History and Geography 9: Civics and World Geography

  • Looking for a complete history and geography course for your homeschool student?
  • The Alpha Omega LifePac History and Geography 9 course contains everything you need.
  • The LIFEPAC History worktexts are magazine size—less intimidating than a large textbook.
    • Your student works on one at a time per subject.
    • It’s easy to take student worktexts when you go places.
    • Work at your pace—it’s ok to take longer on one subject and work faster in another.
    • Students who can read can work more independently.
  • Each LIFEPAC History-Geography 9 Boxed Set is composed of ten LIFEPACs (consumable textbook/workbook combinations) and a Teacher’s Guide.
    • Lessons include reading, exercises, projects, reviews and or tests.
    • This is a Christian mastery-based history and geography worktext curriculum.

Civics and World Geography topics in LIFEPAC History 9 include:

  1. Heritage of the United States
  2. Our National Government
  3. State & Local Government
  4. Planning A Career
  5. Citizenship
  6. The Earth And Man
  7. Regions Of The World
  8. Man & His Environment
  9. Tools Of A Geographer
  10. Man In A Changing World

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Grade 9

Price $108.00

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