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LIFEPAC Science Grades 1-12

Christian Mastery-based Science Worktext Courses

What is a good homeschool science curriculum? When you are looking for a complete science program, then LIFEPAC Science Boxed Sets for 1st to 12th grade can work for you.

Why use Lifepacs? When you are new to homeschooling, you want to make sure you’ve covered all the academic bases. Or maybe you want a course that’s easier to manage for your student. You can’t go wrong with this complete Christian-based science curriculum. Everything you need to teach science for one year, easy-to-follow schedule and teacher instructions, smaller student workbooks instead of an unwieldy textbook, and a proven track record with homeschoolers are what Lifepac Science Complete Sets have to offer!  [Features…]

LIFEPAC Science 1 Set 9780867170986.

Science 1 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 1
ISBN-13: 9780867170986

LIFEPAC Science 2 Set 9780867171006.

Science 2 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 2
ISBN-13: 9780867171006

LIFEPAC Science 3 Set 9780867176513.

Science 3 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 3
ISBN-13: 9780867176513

LIFEPAC Science 4 Set 9780867176537.

Science 4 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 4
ISBN-13: 9780867176537

LIFEPAC Science 5 Set 9780580957628.

Science 5 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 5
ISBN-13: 9780580957628

LIFEPAC Science 6 Set 9781580957656.

Science 6 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 6
ISBN-13: 9781580957656

LIFEPAC Science 7 Set 9780867176599..

Science 7 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Science 7
ISBN-13: 9780867176599

LIFEPAC Science 8 Set 9780867176612.

Science 8 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC General Science II
ISBN-13: 9780867176612

LIFEPAC Science 9 Set 9780867176636.

Science 9 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC General Science III
ISBN-13: 9780867176636

LIFEPAC Science 10 Set 9780867172454.

Science 10 Boxed Set
ISBN-13: 9780867172454

LIFEPAC Science 11 Set 9781580957809.

Science 11 Boxed Set
LIFEPAC Chemistry
ISBN-13: 9781580957809

LIFEPAC Science 12 Set 9781580957830.

Science 12 Boxed Set
ISBN-13: 9781580957830

Features of LIFEPAC Science for Grades 1-12

  • Each LIFEPAC Science complete homeschool curriculum set from Alpha Omega is composed of:
    • Ten LIFEPACs (consumable textbook/workbook combinations)
    • A Teacher’s guide for that grade (with the exception of grade 1 which has two teacher’s guides).
  • The LIFEPAC Science worktexts are magazine size.
  • Your student works on one subject at a time.
  • It’s easy to take them when you go places.
  • It’s ok to take longer on one subject and work faster in another.
  • The magazine-sized worktext is less intimidating than a large textbook.
  • The LIFEPACs include the subject text, exercises, projects, review, and tests.
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  • Science experiments from LIFEPAC Science are demonstrated on supplemental DVDs for grades 4 to 10.

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LIFEPACs® is a registered trademark of Alpha Omega Publications.
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