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LIFEPAC® Science Grade 12~Physics

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It’s easy to teach Lifepac Science 12~Physics with straight-forward lesson plans, answers, and uniformly formatted student books. Once you know the program, it’s easy to use!

Science 12 Physics Boxed Set

LIFEPAC Science 12 Set 9781580957830.

LIFEPAC 12th Grade Science Set

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LIFEPAC Science 12 Set—Physics

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

ISBN-13: 9781580957830
Item #SCI1215

Physics topics in the LIFEPAC Science 12 Set include:

  • Kinematics
  • Dynamics
  • Work And Energy
  • Waves
  • Light
  • Static Electricity
  • Electric Currents
  • Magnetism
  • Atomic And Nuclear Physics
  • and Kinematics To Nuclear Physics.

In the LIFEPAC Science 12 Set, there are 10 LIFEPAC Student Worktexts and 1 Teacher’s Guides.

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  • The LIFEPACs include the subject text, exercises, projects, review, and tests.
  • LIFEPAC Science Experiment DVDs are available separately for grades 4 to 10. Lab experiments are demonstrated for that grade.
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  • If you need to mix and match grade levels or to find out more about the individual subjects, then you can check out our LIFEPAC subject pages: Bible, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Electives.

Grade 12

Price $108.00

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