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Notgrass History Kits Grades 1 to 12

Complete Social Studies Courses for One Year

When you want a social studies curriculum with a plan and everything you need, Notgrass Company History Courses for grades 1-12 will work for you! You can trust history courses from Notgrass Company. Most of their homeschool kits offer options to include language arts and/or Bible in addition to the social studies credit.  [Features…]

Choices for kits on most of the Notgrass history courses include the:

  • Complete Bundle with the basic curriculum package, student reveiw package, and the literature books package for those who want to add the English and Literature credits.
  • Kit with Student Review Package with the basic curriculum package and the student review package when you want the extra workbooks and tests.
  • Basic curriculum Package when the textbook(s) and the book you need for research or map study depending on the course.

1st to 4th Grade History and Geography Kits

Notgrass Our Star-Spangled Homeschool Complete Bundle.
Our Star Spangled Story
Grades 1-4
Our 50 States Bundle by Notgrass Company.
Our 50 States
Grades 1-4

5th to 8th Grade Social Studies Kits

America the Beautiful Bundle With Literature Packgae, Student Workbook, and Timeline 9781609991654.
America the Beautiful
Grades 5-8
Notgrass From Adam to Us Bundle 9781609991661.
From Adam to Us
Grades 5-8
Notgrass Uncle Sam and You Bundle includes Literature Package 9781609991678.
Uncle Sam and You
Grades 5-8

High School Social Studies Kits

Notgrass Exploring America Bundle 9781609991685.
Explore America
Grades 9-12
Notgrass Exploring World History Bundle 9781609991722.
Exploring World History
Grades 9-12
Notrgass Company World Geography Curriculum Package 9781609991609.
Exploring World Geography
Grades 9-12
Exploring Government Homeschool Kit by Ray Notgrass.
Exploring Government
Grades 9-12
Awaiting New Edition O/S

Notgrass Exploring Economics Curriculum Package 9781609990923.
Exploring Economics
Grades 9-12

Features of Notgrass History for Grades 1-12

  • Notgrass History Courses are Christian-based.
  • Most of the courses include options for adding literature and/or Bible.
  • The literature choices are excellent, well-written historical books that enhance the study.
  • Workbooks are available for written work as well as maps and timelines as appropriate to the subject.
  • Instructions are included in the text which eliminates the need for a separate student text.
  • We enjoy doing business with the folks at Notgrass Company. They practice what they preach!
  • Most of the courses are designed for one year of study with the exception of two one-semester courses: Exploring Government and Exploring Economics.
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