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Notgrass History Kits Grades 1 to 12

Complete Social Studies Courses for One Year

When you want a social studies curriculum with a plan and everything you need, Notgrass Company History Courses for grades 1-12 will work for you! History Kits from Notgrass usually offer options to include language arts and/or Bible in addition to the social studies credit.  [Features…]

1st to 4th Grade History and Geography Kits

Notgrass Our Star-Spangled Homeschool Kit.

Our Star Spangled Story
Grades 1-4

Notgrass Our 50 States Homeschool Kit.

Our 50 States
Grades 1-4

5th to 8th Grade Social Studies Kits

America the Beautiful Homeschool Bundle.

America the Beautiful
Grades 5-8

From Adam to Us World History Kit.

From Adam to Us
Grades 5-8

Notgrass Uncle Sam and You Civics Kit.

Uncle Sam and You
Grades 5-8

High School Social Studies Kits

Notgrass Exploring America Set.

Explore America
Grades 9-12

Notgrass Exploring World History Kit.

Exploring World History
Grades 9-12

Notrgass Company World Geography Homeschool Kit..

Exploring World Geography
Grades 9-12

Exploring Government Homeschool Kit by Ray Notgrass.

Exploring Government
Grades 9-12

Exploring Economics Homeschool Kit by Notgrass Company.

Exploring Economics
Grades 9-12

Features of Notgrass History for Grades 1-12

  • Notgrass History Courses are Christian-based.
  • Most of the courses include options for adding literature and/or Bible.
  • The literature choices are excellent, well-written historical books that enhance the study.
  • Workbooks are available for written work as well as maps and timelines as appropriate to the subject.
  • Instructions are included in the text which eliminates the need for a separate student text.
  • We enjoy doing business with the folks at Notgrass Company. They practice what they preach!
  • Most of the courses are designed for one year of study with the exception of two one-semester courses: Exploring Government and Exploring Economics.
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