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Our Star-Spangled Story Homeschool Packages

Study Elementary U.S. History and Literature

Combine the simplicity of the textbook-based approach with the flexibility of the unit study in this multi-level United States history course for students in grades 1 to 4.

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The sets are available with and without the additional Book Study set that is used with for the literature portion of Our Star-Spangled Story.

Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package 9781609991302.
Our Star-Spangled Story
Curriculum Package
Notgrass Our Star-Spangled Curriculum Bundle 9781609991647 .
Our Star-Spangled Bundle
Includes the Literature Package

Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package

Notgrass Our Star-Spangled Curriculum Package.
Our Star-Spangled Story
Curriculum Package

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Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package

By Charlene Notgrass, Publisher: Notgrass Company

ISBN-13: 9781609991302

Designed for students in first through fourth grades, this course combines the best features of the traditional textbook-based approach with the unit-study approach! In addition to narrative lessons about children and families in American history, students can learn through songs, dances, and hands-on activities. You will find all the lessons and assignments to complete the course in the kit.

Our Star-Spangled Story Curriculum Package Includes of Each Item:

  • Our Star-Spangled Story Part 1
    Forty-five Lessons covers life in America before Europeans came and continues through the late 1800s.
    View Sample Lessons.
  • Our Star-Spangled Story Part 2
    Forty-five Lessons cover from the late 1800s through modern times.
    View Sample Lessons.
  • Star-Spangled Rhythms and Rhymes (book and MP3 CD)
    Features sixty songs, poems, and dances that go along with the lessons in Our Star-Spangled Story. It includes access to stream or download audio recordings.
    View Rhythms and Rhymes Sample.
  • A Star-Spangled Timeline
    This timeline reference book features people and events from the lessons in chronological order.
    View Timeline Sample.
  • My Star-Spangled Student Workbook
    For each weekly unit, the Student Workbook includes one coloring page related to a lesson, one assignment where the student can either draw or write something related to a lesson, and one review page about key ideas from the unit.
    View Student Workbook Sample.
  • Our Star-Spangled Story Answer Key and Literature Guide
    Contains answers for all of the lesson review questions and the review pages in the Student Workbook. It also features brief introductions to each of the literature titles with discussion questions and suggested answers. In the Literature Guide, the authors have written a synopsis of each book, why it is important, and includes notes to parents.
    Free Download.

Our Star-Spangled Story Resource Links

Resource Links for Our Star-Spangled Story (at the publisher’s website) The publisher’s database contains recommended videos, websites, field trip ideas, and other resources that go along with specific lessons in this curriculum. It is a very helpful and extensive list of supplementary resources for studying American history for primary grades. NOTE: Access to the full list comes with the purchase of the bundle.

Literature Portion:

Read eight additional works of literature along with the lessons in Our Star-Spangled Story. Each book is set in a different time period in American history. [Note: These books are not included in this Curriculum Package.] Purchase the study books with the Bundle above or borrow from your local library.

  • Benjamin West & His Cat Grimalkin By Marguerite Henry ISBN-13: 9781481403948
  • Toliver’s Secret By Esther Wood Brady ISBN-13: 9780679848042
  • Freedom Crossing By Margaret Goff Clark ISBN-13: 9780590445696
  • Farmer Boy By Laura Ingalls Wilder ISBN-13: 9780064400039
  • Mountain Born By Elizabeth Yates ISBN-13: 9780890847060
  • Emily’s Runaway Imagination By Beverly Cleary ISBN-13: 9780380709236
  • The Year of Miss Agnes By Kirkpatrick Hill ISBN-13: 9780689851247
  • Katy By Mary Evelyn Notgrass ISBN-13: 9781609991128

Grades 1-4 United States History

List $120.00

Price $95.00

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