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Science Curriculum: Multi-Level or Grade-Based?

What Type of Homeschool Science Curriculum Is Best for Your Child?

Are you looking for grade-based science curriculum where each child studies science at the appropriate grade level? Or would you rather use a multilevel science course with several children or a small homeschool co-op? [Features…]

Science Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool

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Calvert Science Kits.
Mission Imperative Creation or Evolution Home Study.
Elevate Science Homeschool Kits.
Great Science Adventures K-8th
2018 Science Dimensions K-5.
HMH Science Dimensions Modules Gr. 6-8.
LIFEPAC Science Curriculum.
Master Books Science Kits
Paradigm Science
Saxon Physics Homeschool Kits.
Science Flipper Guides
2017 HMH Biology Student Book.
Master Books Chemistry Set
Master Books Chemistry

What Type of Homeschool Science Curriculum Do Is Best for Your Child?

Why Use a Grade-Based Science Course for Each Child?

  • Traditionally for high school science, there is a set sequence of study. It is easier to use grade-based science in high school.
  • However, if you have two high school students, you could use the same grade-based high school science subject.
  • If your student who plans to pursue a career in science, individualize science instruction at the appropriate grade level.
  • When your students are overly competitive, it might be helpful to have each one in a different grade level of science.
  • Students who have a higher reading level and prefer independent study may like a grade-based science course.

What Are the Advantages of Using One Multi-Level Science Course for Several Children in Different Grades?

  • Can’t see yourself juggling five different subject teacher’s guides per child? Neither can we.
  • Give yourself a break—Try multi-level science courses with your children.
  • Keep everyone in science on the same page at the same time.
  • It’s more economical to do science experiments in a group.
  • Challenge your children at just the right level—Most of the courses have different ability levels for the activities.
  • Use a multilevel science course with several children or in a small homeschool co-op.
  • Hands-on science activities are more fun in a small group setting.
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