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Savvas Experience Chemistry Homeschool Bundle

Teach chemistry at home with a complete secular-based chemistry package—including print and digital content.

Offering the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction, Savvas Experience Chemistry helps students look at chemistry in new ways—learning is based on doing science. It’s all about learning chemistry as you go with hands-on and digital activities. Instead of cramming information like an traditional text, Experience Chemistry introduces new information on a “need to know basis.” When you need to know something, you are more likely to remember it and it is easier to learn. I think I would have liked this chemistry course a lot more than the traditional chemistry text back in my day. [Features]

Chemistry Homeschool Bundle

Savvas Experience Chemistry Homeschool Bundle 9781418400774.
Homeschool Kit
ISBN-13: 9781418400774

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Experience Chemistry Homeschool Bundle

Publisher: Savvas Learning Company

ISBN-13: 9781418400774

Features of Savvas™ Experience Chemistry—Complete Homeschool Packages for High School

  • Based on the latest research on how chemistry is learned successfully by high school students.
  • Presents the concepts of chemistry as a series of hands-on and digital student experiences that build understanding of the core concepts.
  • Divided into five Instructional Segments.
  • Introduces students to interesting, real-world phenomena, fosters curiosity about the natural world.
  • Provides a variety of engaging hands-on investigations that apply the science and engineering practices.
  • Offers teachers the flexibility of presenting chemistry concepts in ways that match their unique student’s needs.
  • Divided into 2 volumes, the textbook is less intimidating and easier to handle than a larger single volume.
  • Easy to read and follow, the formatting has lots of informative illustrations and highlighted words that are defined in the Glossary.
  • Each section begins with a Storyline (an opening question with a video) followed by Investigation and Experiences, referring back to the Storyline to solidify learning. (This might sound complicated, but when you see the book in person, it is easy to follow and intuitive.)
  • After each Investigation, there is an Assessment.
  • The online teacher edition has the information you need to oversee the course with content such as remediation tips, ELD support,
  • Chemistry involves math and Experience Chemistry offers sample problems to help the student master it. There are various other helps such as problem banks, support videos, and more.
  • There are lab videos, virtual reality simulations, and virtual labs.
  • As far as actual hands-on labs, Flinn Scientific has lab kits for Experience Chemistry, but they are for classrooms and very expensive for single use. There are homeschool science lab companies [such as Home Science Tools] or you could look for similar labs on You Tube for demo videos. When I took premium chemistry in high school, the teacher demoed most of the labs. We did actual hands-on labs maybe once every couple of weeks.

Each Savvas Experience Chemistry Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Volume 1 Experience Chemistry 2021 National Student Handbook ISBN-13: 9781418327187 Softcover with 258 pages~Consumable, if you write in the book.
    There is a conveniently located Periodic Table inside the back cover on the last page. The resources in the appendix are very helpful, too.
  • Volume 2 Experience Chemistry 2021 National Student Handbook ISBN-13: 9781418327194 Softcover with 499 pages~Consumable, if you write in the book.
    A similar appendix is included in this volume as relates to volume 2 content.
  • Homeschool Digital Access Card ISBN-13: 9780328972609 for One-year of Experience Chemistry Student and Teacher digital access to Savvas Realize™, the online learning system. [Formerly called Pearson Realize™]
    Log-on to view and use all program materials at your computer. 

Learn More With these Previews:

More about Savvas Experience Chemistry and the Realize™Platform

  • General Information About Savvas Realize™ Platform for Homeschool Bundles with a digital subscription.
  • Links to tips and tutorials as well as information about the Savvas Homeschool Digital Access Card that comes with a homeschool bundle when it includes digital access.

Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)
Device: Tablet, Computer
Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

List $143.00

Price $120.00

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Table of Contents in Experience Chemistry

  • Storyline 1: Atoms, Elements, and Molecules
  • Investigation 1: Atomic Structure
    • Experience 1.1 The Particle Nature of Matter
    • Experience 1.2 Modeling Atoms
    • Experience 1.3 Atomic Emission Spectra and the Bohr Model
    • Experience 1.4 Modern Atomic Theory
    • Experience 1.5 Electrons in Atoms
  • Investigation 2: The Periodic Table
    • Experience 2.1 The Periodic Table: An Overview
    • Experience 2.2 The Periodic Table and Atomic Structure
    • Experience 2.3 Periodic Trends
  • Investigation 3: Chemical Bonding
    • Experience 3.1 Ionic Bonds
    • Experience 3.2 Metallic Bonds
    • Experience 3.3 Covalent Bonds
    • Experience 3.4 Intermolecular Attractions
    • Experience 3.5 Names and Formulas of Compounds
  • Storyline 2: Understanding Chemical Reactions
  • Investigation 4: Physical Properties of Materials
    • Experience 4.1 States of Matter
    • Experience 4.2 Modeling Phase Changes
    • Experience 4.3 Comparing Ionic and Molecular Compounds
    • Experience 4.4 Comparing Metals and Nonmetals
    • Experience 4.5 Water and Aqueous Systems
    • Experience 4.6 Properties of Solutions
  • Investigation 5: Chemical Quantities
    • Experience 5.1 The Mole Concept
    • Experience 5.2 Molar Relationships
    • Experience 5.3 Percent Composition and Empirical Formula
    • Experience 5.4 Concentrations of Solutions
    • Investigation 6: Chemical Reactions
    • Experience 6.1 Modeling Chemical Reactions
    • Experience 6.2 Predicting Outcomes of Reactions
    • Experience 6.3 Reactions in Aqueous Solution
  • Investigation 7: Stoichiometry
    • Experience 7.1 Quantifying Reactants and Products
    • Experience 7.2 Chemical Calculations
    • Experience 7.3 Limiting Reagent & Percent Yield
  • Investigation 8: Thermochemistry
    • Experience 8.1 Energy in Chemical Bonds
    • Experience 8.2 Heats of Formation and Reaction
    • Experience 8.3 Heat in Changes of State
  • Storyline 3: The Chemistry of Climate Change
  • Investigation 9: The Behav
    • Experience 9.1 Properties of Gases
    • Experience 9.2 The Gas Laws
    • Experience 9.3 Ideal Gases
    • Experience 9.4 Gases in Earth’s Atmosphere
  • Investigation 10: Weather and Climate
    • Experience 10.1 Earth’s Surface Systems
    • Experience 10.2 Water & Energy in the Atmosphere
    • Experience 10.3 Atmospheric System Feedbacks
    • Experience 10.4 Long-Term Climate Factors
    • Experience 10.5 Short-Term Climate Factors
  • Investigation 11: Global Climate Change
    • Experience 11.1 The Chemistry of Earth’s Atmosphere
    • Experience 11.2 Evidence of Climate Change
    • Experience 11.3 Anthropogenic Carbon Emissions
    • Experience 11.4 Climate Models
    • Experience 11.5 Consequences of Climate Change
    • Experience 11.6 Response to Climate Change
  • Storyline 4: The Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and Ocean Acidification
  • Investigation 12: Reaction Rates and Equilibrium
    • Experience 12.1 Rates of Reaction
    • Experience 12.2 The Progress of Chemical Reactions
    • Experience 12.3 Reversible Reactions & Equilibrium
    • Experience 12.4 Free Energy and Entropy
  • Investigation 13: Acids-Base Equilibria
    • Experience 13.1 Acids, Bases, and Salts
    • Experience 13.2 Strong and Weak Acids & Bases
    • Experience 13.3 Reactions of Acids and Bases
    • Experience 13.4 Buffered Solutions
  • Investigation 14: Ocean Acidification
    • Experience 14.1 Ocean pH Levels
    • Experience 14.2 Earth’s Ocean as a Carbon Sink
    • Experience 14.3 Oceans and Climate Change
    • Experience 14.4 Consequences of Ocean Acidification
  • Storyline 5: Industrial Applications
  • Investigation 15: Oxidation-Reduction Reactions
    • Experience 15.1 Oxidation vs. Reduction
    • Experience 15.2 Modeling and Predicting Outcomes of Redox Reactions
    • Experience 15.3 Electrochemical Cells
  • Investigation 16: Organic Chemistry
    • Experience 16.1 Hydrocarbons
    • Experience 16.2 Functional Groups
    • Experience 16.3 Polymers
  • Investigation 17: Nuclear Processes
    • Experience 17.1 Radioactivity and Half-Life
    • Experience 17.2 Fission and Fusion
    • Experience 17.3 Nuclear Technologies
  • Investigation 18: Green Chemistry
    • Experience 18.1 Industrial Chemicals
    • Experience 18.2 Principles of Green Chemistry
    • Experience 18.3 Designing Sustainable Processes

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