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State History Curriculum Choices

Learn About Your State With These Homeschool-Friendly Courses.

There are two ways to study state history. Check your state’s homeschool law to see what is necessary.

  1. Study each of the 50 United States in an overview course for one semester or one-year. Cover each state in a short lesson.
  2. Focus on one state with a more intense study to meet your state homeschool history requirements. Choose Your State History Course.

50 States Homeschool Curriculum—Study All Fifty United States in One Course

These courses are general studies of all 50 states of the United States in one unit.

Fifty States Under God curriculum.
Fifty States Under God
Grades 3-12
Geography of the Fifty States curriculum.
Geography of 50 States
Grades 3-12
Fifty States Under God for Young Learners curriculum.
Fifty States Under God
For Young Learners
Age 4-Grade 2
Notgrass Our 50 States Homeschool Kit.
Fifty States Under God
For Young Learners
Age 4-Grade 2

More Resources to Study all 50 States

Study Your State With These Homeschool-Friendly Courses.

Many of the states require your homeschool student to study the history of your state. It also might be required to study the state geography and state government. All of our individual state history courses cover the necessary topics for the particular state.

Alabama State History Courses.
Alaska State History Courses.
Arizona State History Courses.
Arkansas State History Courses.
California State History Courses.
Colorado State History Courses.
Connecticut State History Courses.
Delaware State History Courses.
Florida State History Courses.
Georgia State History Courses.
Hawaii State History courses.
Idaho State History Curriculum.
Illinois State History Courses.
Indiana State History Courses.
Iowa State History Courses.
Kansas State HistoryCourses.
Kentucky State History Courses.
Louisiana State History Courses.
Maine State History courses.
Maryland State History Courses.
Massachusetts State History Courses.
Minnesota State History Course.
Mississippi State History Curriculum.
Missouri State History Curriculum.
Montana State History courses.
Nebraska State History courses.
Nevada State History Curriculum.
New Hampshire State History courses.
New Jersey State History courses.
New Mexico State History courses.
New York State History Courses.
North Carolina State History Curriculum.
North Dakota State History courses.
Ohio State History Curriculum.
Oklahoma State History courses.
Oregon State History Curriculum.
Pennsylvania state history curriculum.
Rhode Island State History courses.
South Carolina State History Curriculum.
South Dakota State History courses.
Tennessee State History Curriculum.
Texas State History Curriculum.
Utah State History courses.
Vermont State History courses.
Virginia State History courses.
Washington State History Curriculum.
West Virginia State History courses.
Wisconsin State History Curriculum.
Wyoming State History courses.

Don’t Know Much About 50 States

Don't Know Much About 50 States.
Don’t Know Much About 50 States

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Don’t Know Much About 50 States

By Kenneth C. Davis

ISBN-13: 9780064462273

Don’t Know Much About 50 States is a fact-filled, fun way to study the 50 states in the United States of America.

  • It is recommended by Memoria Press for use with their States and Capitals course.

Grades 3-6

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