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Complete Homeschool Curriculum K-12

Do You Need A Complete Homeschool Package?

Do you need a complete homeschool package with structure, lesson plans, teacher guides, and student books? Check out reasons and curriculum choices.

If you want to make it easier to start teaching your children at home, we recommend choosing a complete program. For new homeschoolers and for families who need more structure, complete homeschool curriculum is a great choice. [Features…]

Complete Homeschool Courses at Lamp Post Homeschool

You have choices with the following grade level complete homeschool curriculum. Choose all the subjects from one publisher or mix and match from various publishers. Teachers and student books and workbooks are available. Kits come in print, software, online, or a combination of print and online. 

Complete Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool

Paradigm Complete Curriculum Kits Gr. 7-12
Print or Download
Grades 7-12
Savvas Learning Company Complete Homeschool Kits.
Print and/or Digital Kits
Grades K-12
Common Sense Press Complete Curriculum.
Complete Kits
Grades K-12
Notrgass Company History Courses.
Complete Print Kits
Grades K-12
LIFEPAC Complete Curriculum K-12.
Complete Print Kits
Grades K-12
Horizons Complete Curriculum.
Complete Print Kits
Grades PreK-9
Calvert Publications Complete Homeschool Curriculum Kits Preschool - 3rd Grade.
Complete Print Kits
Grades K-3
Alpha Omega Publications Complet Homeschool Kits K-12.
PreK-12th Grade
Saxon Math Homeschool Kits for K-12th.
Homeschool Packages
K-12th Grade
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool.
Some Kits Still Available
K-12th Grade
Master Books Homeschool Packages.
Homeschool Packages
Preschool-12th Grade
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Reasons to Use Complete Homeschool Curriculum

  • I want the teacher’s guides, student books, and other necessary books like student activities books.
  • I want more structure and lesson plans for my homeschool teaching.
  • I want peace of mind that it is academically accepted and covers required skills.
  • I want professionally written homeschool curriculum with a proven track record.
  • I want to focus on teaching—not researching and creating my own program.
  • I want the assurance of complete curriculum where everything I need is there—the lesson plans, the answers, and student materials are provided.

If this sounds like what you want, then choosing a complete homeschool program is the best choice for your family.

After you have more experience with teaching at home, you will know more about your likes and dislikes and what works well for you and your children.

  • Call or email if you have homeschool curriculum questions.

Grade Level Complete Homeschool Curriculum

  • Alpha Omega LIFEPAC 5-Subject Sets Kindergarten to Grade 12 The complete sets for grades 1 to 12 include Bible, Math, History/Geography, Language Arts, and Science. Electives are also available. The Kindergarten set is a two-subject set with Language Arts and Math. [Print Kits] CHRISTIAN-BASED
  • Calvert Homeschool Kits Complete kits for teaching grades K-2. [Print Kits] SECULAR
  • Savvas Homeschool Packages Offers complete homeschool packages in a variety of formats (print, digital, mixed) from publishers such as Saxon, Scott Foresman, MCP, and Pearson. SECULAR

Grade Level Subjects

Some publishers offer complete subjects, though they may not offer everything for each grade level.

  • Horizons Curriculum Preschool to grade 2 and some subjects to grade 9. [Print Kits] CHRISTIAN-BASED
  • Master Books Preschool to Grade 12, a creation-based science, history, language arts, and math curriculum. [Print Kits] CHRISTIAN-BASED
  • Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum Various core subjects for grades 7 to 12—helps get your child to grade-level and improves reading for answers skill. [Print or Downloads] SECULAR

Multi-Level Curriculum Subjects

Make it easier on yourself when you teach your children at home with multi-level courses. It saves teacher time and adds to family bonding. Typically social studies and science are good subjects for teaching several students in different grades.

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