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Saxon Math Homeschool Kits Grades K-12

An Academically Solid Math Curriculum

Well known among homeschoolers, Saxon Math™ has a good reputation for providing an academically proven math curriculum, particularly at the high school level. [Features…]

Saxon Math K Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math K
Homeschool Kits
Saxon Math 1 Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math 1
Homeschool Kits
Grade 1
Saxon Math 2 Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math 2
Homeschool Kits
Grade 2
Saxon Math Manipulatives K-3.
Math Manipulatives
For Saxon Math K-3
Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math 3
Homeschool Kits
Grade 3
Saxon Intermediate Math 3 Kit.
Saxon Math
Intermediate Math 3
Homeschool Kit
Grade 3
Saxon Math 5/4 Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math 5/4
Homeschool Kits
Grade 5 or Advanced 4
Saxon Math 6/5 Homeschool Kit 3rd Edition 9781591413486.
Saxon Math 6/5
Homeschool Kits
Grade 6 or Advanced 5
Saxon Math 7/6 Homeschool Kits.
Saxon Math 7/6
Homeschool Kits
Grade 7 or Advanced 6
Saxon Math 87 Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math 8/7
Homeschool Kits
Grade 8 or Advanced 7
Saxon Algebra 1/2 Homeschool Kits.
Saxon Algebra ½
Homeschool Kits
Grade 8 or 9
Saxon Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit 9781600329715.
Algebra 1
Homeschool Kits
Grade 9
Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit-9781600329760
Saxon Geometry
Homeschool Kits
Grade 10
Saxon Algebra Homeschool Kit 9781600320163.
Saxon Algebra 2
Homeschool Kits
Grade 10
Saxon Advanced Math Kit 9781565770393.
Advanced Math Saxon
Homeschool Kits
Grade 11
Saxon Calculus Homeschool Kit 9781600320170.
Saxon Calculus
Homeschool Kits
Grade 12

Features of Saxon Math for Grades K-12th

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Reasons to Use Saxon Math for Homeschool?

All of the instruction is in the textbook for Math 54 and up

  • All the instruction is in the lesson for you and your student.
  • In the homeschool setting, you and your student can work through the lesson together
  • Or your student can work independently, if he is capable, with your oversight.

Scripted Lessons for Teachers in Math K-3

  • If you have never taught math before and perhaps it’s not your strongest area, the kindergarten to third-grade teacher’s manual has scripts for each lesson.
  • That makes it easy for anyone with little or no experience to “learn” how to teach math as you are teaching it to your child.

Scheduling and Planning are Easy

  • It is easy to plan and make a schedule because the textbooks are uniformly formatted.
  • For example, in the Saxon Math 54 to Math 87 levels, there are 120 lessons in each textbook.
  • There is a test schedule in each tests and worksheets book.

Continual Review of Math Concepts

  • In every lesson in Saxon homeschool math, there is a problem set with some problems from previous lessons.
  • The lesson number where that type of problem was first studied is shown in parentheses for reference.


  • Saxon works well for students who like to do different types of problems as opposed to working 25 of the same type of problems.
  • One of our daughters hated the variety and wanted 25 of the same problems.
  • The bad news for her was that she did Saxon through her senior year because she didn’t tell me that until after she graduated.
  • The good news was that she did quite well on the math part of her college entrance exams.

Frequent Testing

  • Depending on which grade you use, there are tests every four or five lessons. This ensures that your student has mastered the math concepts.

What We Did in Our Homeschool

  • With our homeschooled children who used Saxon Math, we didn’t make them work every problem as long as they scored 90 or higher.
  • It was a way to reward them for taking the time to learn the concepts and self-check their work.

Saxon Solutions Manuals

  • The solutions manuals have the worked-out written solutions for all the problems and test problems in the Saxon Math textbooks and tests.
  • Most homeschool parents can show their children how to work the problems in the early math grades.
  • Once the problems become more difficult, it is very handy to have the worked out solutions when you are helping a student or checking math answers.

Proven Track Record with Homeschoolers

  • Over the years homeschooling families have used Saxon Math homeschool courses with great results.
  • The following article is from the publisher’s website and shows some of the scientific research about this math program: Saxon Math Research

Saxon Math™ is a trademark of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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