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Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit 9781565770201

The Math 3 Kit Includes the Teacher Manual, Student Workbook, and Meeting Book for Third Grade

If this is your first time teaching math, you’ll love the “scripted” teacher’s manual in Saxon Math 3. [Features…]

Math 3 Kit

Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit, 1st Edition 9781565770201 Publisher: Saxon Homeschool, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit

List $275.55

Price $239.99

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Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit, 1st Edition

Publisher: Saxon Homeschool. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9781565770201

Features of Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kits for 3rd Grade

  • If you need help to teach math concepts, then this complete program will help.
  • Each lesson in the Saxon Math 3 Teacher’s Manual is scripted with what the teacher should say with suggested student answers.
  • The in-depth instructions and learning activities for the student are a plus for this program, especially if math wasn’t your best subject in school!
  • It is easy to plan and make a schedule because the lessons are uniformly formatted.
  • Over the years homeschooling families have used Saxon Math homeschool courses with great results.
  • The following article is from the publisher’s website and shows some of the scientific research about this math program: Saxon Math Research
  • Helpful Links for Saxon Math Curriculum

Included in the Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Kit

  • Saxon Math 3 Homeschool Teacher’s Manual [ ISBN-13: 9781565770164] features:
    • Step-by-step instructions and scripts.\
    • 140 lessons
    • Pre-class preparation instructions
    • A complete list of materials needed for each lesson
    • Lay-flat spiral binding
    • 843 pages
  • Saxon Math 3 Workbooks and Fact Cards [ISBN-13: 9780939798834] feature:
    • All the necessary student materials including the two-part workbook, practice pages, masters and fact cards.
  • Saxon Math 3 Meeting Book [ISBN-13: 9781565770249]
    • Used for the opening exercise and to teach the days, years, and dates.

NOTE: You will need various manipulatives for this program.

  • The manipulatives called for in Math 3 are pattern blocks, rulers, 1″ color tiles, a hundred number chart, demonstration clocks, and balance.

Grade 3

List $275.55

Price $239.99

Contact Lamp Post Homeschool for HMH Pricing.

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