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Saxon Math Kindergarten Homeschool Kit 9781565770171

Easy-to-Use Scripted Teacher Lessons for Saxon Math Homeschool Kits for Kindergarten

If this is your first time teaching math, you’ll love the “scripted” teacher’s manual in Saxon Math Kindergarten. [Features…]

Saxon Math Kindergarten

Saxon Math K Homeschool Kit.
Saxon Math K, 1st Edition Homeschool Kit

List $176.10

Price $149.99

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Saxon Math Homeschool Kit Kindergarten 1st Edition

Publisher: Saxon Homeschool, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9781565770171

Features of Saxon Math K Homeschool Kits for Kindergarten

  • If you need help to teach math concepts, then this complete program will help.
  • Each lesson in the Saxon Math K Teacher’s Manual is scripted with what the teacher should say with suggested student answers.
  • The in-depth instructions and learning activities for the student are a plus for this program, especially if math wasn’t your best subject in school!
  • It is easy to plan and make a schedule because the lessons are uniformly formatted.
  • The Math Kindergarten Kit Includes the Teacher Manual K and the Meeting Book K for Kindergarten
  • Over the years homeschooling families have used Saxon Math homeschool courses with great results.
  • The following article is from the publisher’s website and shows some of the scientific research about this math program: Saxon Math Research
  • Helpful Links for Saxon Math Curriculum

Included in the Saxon Math Kindergarten Homeschool Kit:

  • Saxon Math K Homeschool Teacher’s Manual (ISBN-13: 9781565770102) With step-by-step instructions and scripts, it features:
    • 112 lessons
    • Oral assessment recording forms
    • Student masters (reproducible)
    • Handwriting masters (optional)
    • A complete list of materials needed for each lesson
    • Lay-flat spiral binding
    • 439 pages
  • Saxon Math K Meeting Book (ISBN-13: 9781565770218)
    • The student uses this for the opening exercise to learn the days, years, and dates.

NOTE: You will need various manipulatives for this program.

  • The manipulatives called for in the kindergarten math are pattern blocks, rulers, geoboards, linking cubes, hundreds number chart, demonstration clocks, and a balance.

Grade Kindergarten

List $176.10

Price $149.99

Contact Lamp Post Homeschool for HMH Pricing.

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