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Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit ISBN-13: 9781600329760

Now Available as Geometry Only Without Algebra

 When you want to separate geometry from Saxon Algebra 1 and 2, try Saxon Geometry. [Features…]

Kit with Solutions Manual

Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit-9781600329760
Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit
With Solutions Manual


Price $251.10

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Saxon Geometry Homeschool Kit With Solutions Manual First Edition

Publisher: Saxon Homeschool.

ISBN-13: 9781600329760

Features of Saxon Geometry

  • Traditionally, geometry is taught after algebra 1 and before algebra 2.
  • Saxon Algebra 1 Third Edition and Algebra 2 Third Edition still include geometry components.
  • NOTE: If you are required by law to keep a log, please log those geometry lessons separately under geometry.

This kit includes one of each item:

  • Geometry Textbook [ISBN-13: 9781602773059]
  • Homeschool Testing Book [ISBN-13: 9781600329777] with cumulative tests, answer forms, and answer key
  • Saxon Geometry Solutions Manual [ISBN-13: 978160275619].

Grade: 9-12

Price $251.10

Contact Lamp Post Homeschool for HMH Pricing.

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