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Fifty States Under God—50 States Curriculum

Study Each One of the 50 States in A Complete Homeschool Course

The Fifty States Under God is a workbook study by Joy Dean for grades 3 to 12. It’s well written and full of interesting state facts and stories.

50 States Under God

Fifty States Under God.

Fifty States Under God
Grades 3-12

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Sample Page 1 from Fifty States Under God.

Sample Page 1
Fifty States Under God

Sample Page 2 from Fifty States Under God.

Sample Page 2
50 States Under God

Fifty States Under God—A 50 States Curriculum

By Joy Dean, Publisher: A Helping Hand

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Fifty States Under God is a workbook study of all 50 states in the order of statehood.

  • Learn interesting and important information about each of the 50 United States—from a Christian perspective.
  • Teaches important lessons from history.
  • States are introduced in the order they joined the United States.
  • Contains 4 pages for each state with:
    • A page of interesting facts
    • Two fun work-pages (using information in the appendix)
    • A historical highlight page
  • Combines a timeline and a map study to show chronological growth of our nation.
  • Includes a lesson schedule
  • Use by itself or combine with the Geography of the Fifty States.

The book is complete in itself and also contains:

  • Teacher instructions and suggested schedules.
  • An appendix that includes:
    • An Answer Key for Review Quizzes–perforated for easy removal before giving the book to the student.
    • State resource pages such as Statehood Facts, Capitals, Counties, and Government, State Mottos, State Economy, and more to be used by the student to answer the fun work pages.
    • A Bibliography
    • Answer Key to Fifty States Workpages
    • State Symbol pictures (in color) to cut and paste into the work pages.

Paperback with plastic lay-flat coil.

Price $36.99

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A Way to Study the Fifty States—As It Happened

Author Joy Dean gives several plans to complete the 50 States Under God course: one-semester, one-year, or two-years when combined with Geography of the Fifty States. Your student will study each state in the order it was admitted into the union, not based on the alphabet or geographical location. Doesn’t it make more sense to do it in historical order?

Here’s an additional way to use this course. Integrate the study of each state—in the chronological order of statehood—with your regular United States history course(s). Typically, students study American history several times. You can explore the states as they fit in the timeline of your curriculum. Studying each state as it joins the union helps your student put historical events in proper order. It’s also a nice break from a regular textbook course with a variety of activities and questions. With the additional stories about each state, you can add a Christian perspective to a secular history course. There’s also a list of historical sites for each state that makes it easy to add field trips in your area or as you travel.

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