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Keystone and Explore Our Past! PA History

Two Courses to Study PA History—For Elementary and Middle School

  • If you use a textbook approach and want to satisfy the requirement of the PA homeschool law for teaching Pennsylvania history, then we recommend these books.
  • It is a traditional textbook course, and no additional books are needed unless you want to supplement your study with literature.
  • Keystone meets the Pennsylvania state standards for a middle school Pennsylvania history text (not to be confused with common core state standards).
  • It is a secular-based Pennsylvania history course.
  • Explore Our Past!, also by Guy Graybill, is a history of Pennsylvania written for the elementary level.

Keystone Bundle

Keystone, A History of Pennsylvania Bundle
Keystone, A History of Pennsylvania Bundle

Keystone A History of Pennsylvania Homeschool Bundle

by Guy Graybill

Item #0974703907B

Keystone, A History of Pennsylvania is historically accurate with beautiful pictures, most of which were taken by the author. There are pictures from every county in the commonwealth. Most of them were photographed by the author before he retired while traveling for his work.

Note: This curriculum mentions evolution and is not written from a creation science viewpoint. Since it meets the requirements for the new state standards, it can be used in Pennsylvania public schools and is a secular curriculum.

My opinion is that when differences in viewpoint come up, we should use these moments to discuss our Christian beliefs and values. That thought applies to any secular curriculum. I believe such discussions enable our children to take a stand at college and in the workplace when they encounter opposing beliefs.

Included in the Keystone Homeschool Bundle are one each of the following:

  • Keystone A History of Pennsylvania 9780974703909
  • Keystone Complement 0974703915
  • Keystone Complement Educator’s Key 0974703915K

Grade: Middle School

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Price $45.98

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Keystone Textbook

Keystone A History of Pennsylvania by Guy Graybill
Keystone A History of Pennsylvania 9780974703909

Keystone A History of Pennsylvania

By Guy Graybill

ISBN: 9780974703909

Keystone: A History of Pennsylvania, the student textbook, is available for an additional student.

Price $29.95

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Keystone Workbook

Keystone Complement Workbook by Guy Graybill
Keystone Complement Workbook 0974703915

Keystone Complement

By Guy Graybill

ISBN: 0974703915

Keystone Complement is the student workbook to accompany Keystone, A History of Pennsylvania.

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Keystone Answer Key

Keystone Complement Teacher's Key
Keystone Complement Teacher’s Key

Keystone Complement Educator’s Key

By Guy Graybill

ISBN: 0974703915K

Answer Key for the Keystone Complement

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Explore Our Past

Explore Our Past by Guy Graybill
Explore Our Past

Explore Our Past!

By Guy Graybill

Item#: exploreop

Explore Our Past! is Guy Graybill’s standard-based Pennsylvania History.

  • Explore Our Past! is an elementary level study of Pennsylvania history.
  • Each chapter offers a glossary, map study, bio’s, related history and student exercises.
  • With a theme built around hot-air balloons, Explore Our Past! explores our state’s rich history at the elementary level.
  • It has beautiful pictures and exciting narration.

Chapters include:

  • Our Hills and Forests
  • Our Fields and Farms
  • Our Underground: Oil, Coal, Etc.
  • Our Waters
  • Our Four Neighborhoods
  • Our Past
  • Our People
  • Our Fun
  • Our Travel
  • Our Health
  • Our Laws and Institutions

Grade: Elementary

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