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Explore Our Past! Pennsylvania History

Study PA History—For Elementary School

Written for the elementary level Explore Our Past is a secular-based Pennsylvania history course.

Keystone: A History of Pennsylvania also by Guy Graybill, is a history of Pennsylvania written for the middle school level.

Explore Our Past

Explore Our Past, Pennsylvania History.
Explore Our Past
Pennsylvania History
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Explore Our Past! Pennsylvania History Course

By Guy Graybill

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  • Explore Our Past! is Guy Graybill’s standard-based elementary level study Pennsylvania History.
  • Use a textbook approach to satisfy the requirement of the PA homeschool law for teaching Pennsylvania history.
  • It is a traditional textbook course, and no additional books are needed unless you want to supplement your study with literature.
  • Each chapter offers a glossary, map study, bio’s, related history and student exercises.
  • With a theme built around hot-air balloons, Explore Our Past! explores our state’s rich history at the elementary level.
  • It has beautiful pictures and exciting narration.

Chapters in Guy Graybill’s Explore Our Past include:

  • Our Hills and Forests
  • Our Fields and Farms
  • Our Underground: Oil, Coal, Etc.
  • Our Waters
  • Our Four Neighborhoods
  • Our Past
  • Our People
  • Our Fun
  • Our Travel
  • Our Health
  • Our Laws and Institutions

Grade: Elementary

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