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Information About Savvas Realize™ Platform for Homeschool Bundles

Tips and Tutorials to Help You Get Started with Realize

Many of the Savvas Homeschool Curriculum Kits come with a 1-year subscription to student and teacher digital access to the award-winning online Savvas Realize™  learning platform.

Though it is a little difficult to set up, it is worth the effort. The online digital resources really add to the print portion of any Savvas homeschool program. I’ve seen the Realize platform for different subjects and it is good. Savvas has tutorials and tips to help you get started and to learn more about the Realize.

Important Information About the Savvas Homeschool Digital Access Card

  • Please locate the Homeschool Digital Access Card as soon as you open your Savvas print package(s).
  • Keep the order number on the label on the box of your order.
  • You need both items to access your online digital content.
  • Follow the directions on the card to submit the information for them to set up your account.
  • They do not activate your digital subscription until you do this.
  • The Homeschool Digital Access Card is the same for every product.
  • Follow the same procedure for each additional course.
  • To report a technical issue, please contact K-12 Product Support.

Savvas Realize Tutorials and Tips

These links to tutorials and print information should be helpful.

Watch an online video tutorial to learn how to set up your online content:

Find Additional Tutorials and Training for Savvas Curriculum

  • Tutorials and Training for Savvas Curriculum
    • Listed alphabetically, you can scroll down or search for any Savvas homeschool program to find additional information.
    • Not all the training and tutorials are accessible to homeschoolers, but you can find helpful information—particularly for setting up the Savvas Realize™ platform for your student.

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