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2017 HMH Modern Chemistry Components

Emphasizes Fundamentals of Chemistry and Problem Solving

NOTE: 1/1/202 HMH discontinued the homeschool package for HOLT MCDOUGAL CHEMISTRY. Components are available for the 2017 HMH Modern Chemistry.

Specifically designed for high school, HMH Modern Chemistry covers traditional and emerging chemistry topics. [Features…]

HMH Modern Chemistry Student Edition 2017

2017 HMh Modern Chemistry Student Edition.

HMH Modern Chemistry
Student Edition

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HMH Modern Chemistry Student Edition 2017

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9780544817845

This is a secular-based chemistry textbook for high school.

The HMH Modern Chemistry Student Edition features:

  • Why It Matters features engage students
  • Problem-Solving Practice
  • QuickLabs and MathTutor activities
  • It has 23 chapters.

Table of Contents for Modern Chemistry:

  1. Matter and Change
  2. Measurements and Calculations
  3. Atoms: The Building Blocks of Matter
  4. Arrangement of Electrons in Atoms
  5. The Periodic Law
  6. Chemical Bonding
  7. Chemical Formulas and Chemical Compounds
  8. Chemical Equations and Reactions
  9. Stoichiometry
  10. States of Matter
  11. Gases
  12. Solutions
  1. Ions in Aqueous Solutions and Colligative Properties
  2. Acids and Bases
  3. Acid-Base Titration and PH
  4. Reaction Energy
  5. Reaction Kinetics
  6. Chemical Equilibrium
  7. Oxication-Reduction Reactions
  8. Electrochemistry
  9. Nuclear Chemistry
  10. Organic Chemistry
  11. Biological Chemistry
  • Hardcover with 976 pages

Grades 9-12th

List $134.27

Price $119.99

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2017 HMH Chemistry Online Student Edition

HMH Chemistry Online Student Edition

HMH Modern Chemistry Online Student Edition
ISBN-13: 9780544934771
Grades 9-12th

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2017 HMH Modern Chemistry Online Premium Student Edition 1 Year

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

ISBN-13: 9780544934771

Features of HMH Modern Chemistry Online Student Edition

  • Anytime/anywhere access to digital resources
  • Comprehensive flexible lab program for building data analysis skills
  • Engaging multimedia tools to enhance student mastery
  • Addresses learning challenges with support for reading and vocabulary, real-world relevance, and scientific inquiry
  • Secular-based high school Chemistry curriculum
  • Interactive Online Student Edition and Online Teacher Edition
  • Reading, Vocabulary, and Concept Mapping Worksheets
  • Interactive Reader
  • Open-Inquiry labs, STEM Labs, Virtual Labs, and Video Labs
  • Printable Assessments
  • Teacher Resources

Sample Online Content

To sample the online content, follow the directions in the 2017 HMH Modern Chemistry Reviewer’s Guide on page 2. It requires you to create a login to have access for 30 days. It will give you a very good idea of all that is available and if this is what you want.

NOTE: Digital components come with a 1-year subscription. You will receive your digital access from hmh_digital_access@hmhco.com.  Please add this address to your email contacts so it doesn’t go to your junk folder.

Price $31.00

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