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What’s A Family-Friendly Hands-On Multilevel Homeschool Science Program?

When you’re looking for a hands-on multilevel science curriculum that’s homeschool family-friendly, look no further! Common Sense Science fits the bill with new topical books in two new book available now. [Features…]

Life Science~Common Sense Science

Common Sense Science Plants Print Set.
Plants Sets
Common Sense Science
Grades 1-6
Common Sense Science Oceans Print Set.
Oceans Sets
Common Sense Science
Grades 1-6
Great Science Adventures K-8th.
Great Science Adventures
Common Sense Press

Each book in the new and updated Common Sense Science series features:

  • Twenty-four science lessons
  • A hands-on activity for each lesson
  • Hands-on activities use regular sheets of white paper and various folds to make different projects.
  • A little science book for each lesson.
  • The Investigative Loop™ provides lab activities.
  • Lab activities have complete, clear directions, material lists, questions, and data for students to record.
  • Each title in the Common Sense Science homeschool science series is on sale all year long!
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