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General Science 101 Instruction DVDs 9780578955049

A Complete Overview of General Science From a Biblical Perspective

Examine God’s scientific world of Natural Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Social Science, Formal Science, and Applied Science from a Christian perspectivet—Make it a one-year high school course with the guide. [Features…]

General Science 101 DVD Set

General Science 101 DVDs, Wesfield Studios.

General Science 101 DVDs
ISBN-13: 9780578955049
Ages 15+

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General Science 101 DVD Set: Touring God’s Mansion of Science

By Wes Olson, Publisher: Westfield Studios

Take an engaging tour through God’s scientific world of Natural Science, Earth Science, Life Science, Social Science, Formal Science, and Applied Science. The set contains an easy to use, understandable and visually rich, faith-based overview of God’s scientific world.

Wes Olsen presents each of the sciences as separate rooms in a mansion, creating an easy way for students to follow along and understand the world of science and the part it plays in everyday life.

The General Science 101 4 DVD set contains 14 individual, 20-44 minute segments.

Disc A
Introduction (22 min.)
Natural Science (Physical Science)
Physics – God’s Physical World (33 min.)
Chemistry – God’s Chemical World (35 min.)
Astronomy – The Heavens (39 min.)
Disc B
Earth Science
Geology – Earth (34 min.)
Oceanography – Water (30 min.)
Our Atmosphere – The Air We Breathe (35 min.)
Disc C
Life Science
Biology – Human and Animal Life (38 min.)
Social Science
Sociology & Psychology – Human Relationships (40 min.)
Economics – Being Thrifty (42 min.)
Political Science – Running the City (42 min.)
Disc D
Humanities – Human Culture (36 min.)
Formal Science – Math, Computers & Logic (42 min.)
Applied Science – Technology (44 min.)
Printable Guidebook and Accreditation Booklet (digital PDF)-An interesting and fact-filled 75-page Guidebook with quizzes covering each segment.

Features of Chemistry 101 DVDs

  • Review all the information covered in the general science videos with the printable (pdf) guidebook with quizzes and discussion questions.
  • Make it a one-year high school general science course with the 22-page Course Accreditation Program booklet.
  • It is easy to use and to understand.
  • General Science 101 DVD Set is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up; however, everything in it is appropriate for the entire family.
  • Makes general science an exciting, easy to understand, visually rich experience.
  • The film is full of accurate and fascinating information coupled with hundreds of eye-catching visuals and graphics.
  • The Guidebook allows the student to review all the information covered in the films.
  • Each guidebook segment includes a multiple-choice quiz and discussion questions.
  • A one-year high school course booklet is included for families who want a year-long general science course.
  • Even if you are not homeschooling, General Science 101 DVDs will provide a clear Christian context in which your children can place all the information they learn in their public school classes.
  • General Science contains more than 45 hours of lab work!
    • The labs are designed to keep your student engaged in what they are learning.
    • All lab names, segments, film instruction times and materials lists are in the included Accreditation Program (digital PDF on Disc D).

List $84.99

Price $69.99

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Science 101 DVDs

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