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Physics 101 Instruction DVDs 9781495162817

An Exploration of the World of Physics From a Biblical Perspective

Integrates the world of physics into an accurate Biblical Worldview. [Features]

Physics 101 DVD Set

Physics 101 DVDs 9781495162817.
Physics 101 DVD
Westfield Studios
ISBN-13: 9781495162817

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Physics 101 DVD

By Wes Olson, Micah Olson, Rebekah Olson, and Lucas Olson, Publisher: Westfield Studios

Physics 101 DVD examines the world of Physics in a 4 DVD set with 20 individual segments.

Disc A
1. Introduction to Physics (30 min.)
The Physics of Light
2. Light and Color (40 min.) 3. Mirrors and Lenses (35 min.)
4. Invisibility and Speed of Light (35 min.)

Disc C
The Physics of Electricity
10. What is Electricity? (30 min.)
11. Outlets and Circuits (40 min.)
12. Batteries and the Electromagnetic Spectrum (40 min.)
The Physics of Motion
13. The Life of Isaac Newton (30 min.)
14. The Universal Law of Gravity (30 min.)
15. The 1st Law of Motion (35 min.)
16. The 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion (25 min.)

Disc B
The Physics of Sound
5. Introduction to Sound (43 min.)
6. Acoustics: the Sound of Music (35 min.) The Physics of Heat
7. What is Fire? (30 min.)
8. The Three Laws of Thermodynamics (35 min.) 9. Refrigeration: Hot and Cold (40 min.)

Disc D
The Physics of The Weird
17. The Life of Albert Einstein (35 min.)
18. Relativity (30 min.)
19. Quantum Mechanics (30 min.)
20. The Future of Physics (20 min.)
Printable Guidebook with Quizzes in PDF format
Printable Physics Course Accreditation Program in PDF format

List $84.99

Price $69.99

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Features of Physics 101 DVD

  • Physics 101 DVD is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up; however, everything in it is appropriate for the entire family.
  • Integrating the world of physics into an accurate Biblical Worldview.
  • Review all the information covered in the physics film with the printable (pdf) guidebook with quizzes and discussion questions.
  • Make it a one-year high school physics course with the A “Course Accreditation Program” booklet for those who wish to make this a year-long Physics course.
  • It is easy to use and to understand.

Physics 101 DVD Awards

Physics 101 DVD Awards.

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