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Biology 101 Instruction DVDs 9781424303106

A Complete Overview of the World of Biology from a Biblical Perspective

Four of our student product testers (aka our children) have watched various parts of Biology 101. These product testers are merciless. Instructional  DVDs have to pass the strictest test: Is it engaging, interesting and not boring? I am happy to report that Biology 101 DVD passed with hearty approval. One viewed the entire program and liked it enough to consider pursuing a science major in college. [Go to Features of Biology 101…]

Science 101 DVDs

Wes Olsen of Westfield Studios also has instruction DVDs for Chemistry 101 and Physics 101.

Chemistry 101 DVD.


Physics 101 DVD.


Biology 101 DVD.


Biology 101 DVD Set

Biology 101 DVD.

Biology 101 DVD
ISBN-13: 9781424303106
Ages 15+

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Biology 101 DVD

By Wes Olson, Micah Olson, and Lucas Olson, Publisher: Westfield Studios

This four DVD set “contains a coherent, easy to understand and faith-based comprehension of the world around us. The Biology 101 DVD presents the study of biology following the actual creation days revealed in the book of Genesis.”

Four disks include nine different segments cover the following topics:

  • Disk 1
    Introduction: Defining Life and Life Classification (15 minutes)
    Plants (37 minutes)
  • Disk 2
    Aquatic (water) Creatures (40 minutes)
    Avian (flying) Creatures (44 minutes
  • Disk 3
    Land Animals Part 1 (22 minutes)
    Land Animals Part 2 (28 minutes)
    Mankind Part 1 (27 Minutes)
    Mankind Part 2 (24 minutes)
  • Disk 4
    Genetics: A Brief History of Biology, Cells, and Genetics (40 minutes)
    Printable Guidebook in PDF format
  • Printable 12-page Course Accreditation Program PDF

Features of Biology 101 Instruction DVD

  • Integrating the world of biology into an accurate Biblical Worldview.
  • A printable (pdf) guidebook (114 pages) that allows the student to review the information covered in the film.
  • Discussion questions and a quiz for each guidebook segment in the guidebook.
  • A 12-page “Course Accreditation Program” booklet for those who wish to make this a year-long biology course.
  • It is easy to use and to understand.
  • Biology 101 DVD is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up; however, everything in it is appropriate for the entire family.

List $69.95

Price $55.99

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Biology 101 awards.

Biology 101 DVD Awards

Biology 101 DVD Back Cover.
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