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Chemistry 101 Instruction DVDs 9781450785082

A Complete Overview of the World of Chemistry From a Biblical Perspective

Examine the world of chemistry and the periodic table of elements from a Christian perspective. [Features…]

Chemistry 101 DVD Set

Chemistry 101 DVDs, 9781450785082.

Chemistry 101 DVD
ISBN-13: 9781450785082
Ages 15+

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Chemistry 101 DVD

By Wes Olson, Micah Olson, Rebekah Olson, and Lucas Olson, Publisher: Westfield Studios

Chemistry 101 takes the student on a captivating tour through God’s chemical world.

Examine the world of chemistry in a 4 DVD set with 19 individual segments.

This 4 DVD set contains 19 individual, 20-45 minute segments examining the world of chemistry and the periodic table of the elements.

Disc A
(Part 1) – The Road to the Periodic Table
1. Introduction & The Last Alchemist (35 min.)
2. Birth of Modern Chemistry (30 min.)
3. The Bold Russian (35 min.)
4. Lots of Mystery Rays (45 min.)

Disc B
5. The Likeable Rutherford (30 min.)
6. The Periodic Table at Last! (20 min.)
7. The Periodic Table – Main Group (45 min.)
8. The Periodic Table – Quantum Mechanics (40 min.)

Disc C
(Part 2) – Chemistry Essentials
9. Neutrons, Isotopes and Ions (40 min.)
10. Compounds and Molecules Part 1 (20 min.)
11. Compounds and Molecules Part 2 (35 min.)
12. Balancing Equations (30 min.)
13. Essentials Wrap-up (35 min.)

Disc D
(Part 3) – Meet the Elements
14. The Four Main Columns (30 min.)
15. Non-Metals and Poor Metals (30 min.)
16. Transition Metals (40 min.)
17. Rare Earth & Radioactive Metals (45 min.)
(Part 4) – The Future
18. The Future of Chemistry Part 1 (30 min.)
19. The Future of Chemistry Part 2 (40 min.)
Included on the fourth disc is a printable (digital PDF) Guidebook with quizzes covering the material presented in each segment and a one-year high school Course Booklet.

List $84.99

Price $69.99

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Features of Chemistry 101 DVDs

  • Review all the information covered in the chemistry film with the printable (pdf) guidebook with quizzes and discussion questions.
  • Make it a one-year high school chemistry course with the A “Course Accreditation Program” booklet for those who wish to make this a year-long chemistry course.
  • It is easy to use and to understand.
  • Chemistry 101 DVD is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up; however, everything in it is appropriate for the entire family.
  • Makes chemistry an exciting, easy to understand, visually rich experience.
  • The film is full of accurate and fascinating information coupled with hundreds of eye-catching visuals and graphics.
  • The Guidebook allows the student to review all the information covered in the films.
  • Each guidebook segment includes a multiple-choice quiz and discussion questions.
  • A one-year high school course booklet is included for families who want a year-long chemistry course.
  • Even if you are not homeschooling, Chemistry 101 DVDs will provide a clear Christian context in which your children can place all the information they learn in their classes.
  • See names, segments, times, and material lists for all labs in the 101 Series.

Chemistry 101 DVD Awards

Chemistry 101 awards.

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