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Paradigm Science Curriculum

Science Courses by PacWorks Are Student-Friendly

Our children used the Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum for science. We are pleased with the results.[Read more…]

PacWorks Science Courses

Paradigm Basic Science Mysteries Complete Kits at Lamp Post Homeschool.

Basic Science Mysteries
Grade 7

Paradigm Natural Science Mysteries Homeschool Kits.

Natural Science Mysteries
Grade 8

Paradigm Integrated Physics & Chemistry Complete Kits.

Integrated Physics & Chemistry
Gr. 9 & 10

Year 1 Paradigm Integrated Physics & Chemistry Kits.

Year 1 Only Kit
Integrated Physics & Chemistry

Year 2 Paradigm Integrated Physics & Chemistry.

Year 2 Only Kit
Integrated Physics & Chemistry

Paradigm (PacWorks) Biology Complete Kits.

Grade 11

Paradigm Anatomy & Physiology Complete Kits

Anatomy & Physiology
High School

Paradigm Complete Curriculum Kits Gr. 7-12

Why Use Paradigm?
Motivate & Accelerate

Features of Paradigm Science Curriculum

  • Whether your student is gifted in science or needs to meet graduation requirements, the science curriculum from Paradigm is an excellent choice.
  • You can be flexible with the suggested grade levels.
  • For example, late bloomers can do the curriculum in a later grade.
  • Students who are ahead can do it in an earlier grade.
  • Biology can be completed in any high school grade.
  • Every lesson has a motivational story and a principle to learn.
  • Your student will learn how to answer different types of questions.
  • It is now available in two versions: Print or Digital Download.
  • Other Paradigm subjects are also available.

More Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum at Lamp Post Homeschool

Paradigm Complete English Homeschool Kits at Lamp Post Homeschool.

Paradigm English
Complete Homeschool Kits
Grades 7-12

Paradigm Social Studies Complete Homeschool Kits.

Social Studies
Complete Homeschool Kits
Grades 7-12

Paradigm Math Curriculum Grades 7-8.

Math Skills
Complete Homeschool Kits
Grades 7-8

Paradigm Character and Skills for Home and Careers Set.

Home & Careers
Complete Homeschool Kits
Grades 7-12

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