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Paradigm History Courses For Students Who Need Help With Reading Comprehension

The questions in Paradigm history courses are geared to measuring the learning. [Features…]

Paradigm Social Studies

Paradigm World History Kit.:

World History

Paradigm American History 1 and 2 Full Course Kit.

US History 1 & 2

Paradigm American History Year 1 Complete Kit.

Us History Year 1

Paradigm American History Year 2 Complete Kit.

US History Year 2

Paradigm World Geography Kit.

World Geography

Paradigm Principles of Economics Complete Set at Lamp Post Homeschool.


Paradigm Government Kit.


Paradigm America's Founding Fathers Kit at Lamp Post Homeschool.

America’s Founding Fathers

Paradigm American History Years 1 and 2

Paradigm American History 1 and 2 Kit.

Full Course Kit (Print)
Paradigm American History 1 and 2

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Full Course Kit
Paradigm American History 1 and 2

Publisher: Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (PacWorks)

Item #pac76338

Paradigm’s People, Places and Principles of America Years 1 and 2 cover United States history from pre-Columbus expeditions to around 2012.

Features of Paradigm (Pacworks) History Courses

  • It is excellent for the late bloomer ready to catch up.
  • Use before high school for advanced students.
  • The student-friendly format is standard in Paradigm courses.
  • Easy-to-Use for student and teacher.
  • Activities include a variety of question types such as short answer, true-false, multiple-choice, matching, and diagram labeling.
  • Includes stories that motivate and inspire your students.
  • It keeps your student’s interest.
  • Purchase by the year or as a two-year kit.

Included in the Paradigm People, Places, and Principles of America Year 1 and 2 Full Course Kit are one each item:

  • Paradigm AH Chapters 1-12 Texts
  • Paradigm AH Chapters 1-12 Activities
  • Paradigm AH Chapters 1-12 Teachers Resource Kit
  • Paradigm AH C Student Resource Kit (has related historical maps, charts, and documents.)

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Digital Download Kit

Digital Download-Paradigm American History 1 and 2.

Digital Download Kit
Paradigm American History 1 and 2

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Paradigm American History 1 and 2 Digital Download Course Kit

Publisher: Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum (Pac Works)

Item #DD-pac76338

The Paradigm American History 1 and 2 Digital Download Course Kit includes everything you need to complete the course in digital format: Text, Activities, and the Teacher’s Resource Kit, all in PDF format.

  • View the course on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.
  • No internet access is necessary once you download.
  • Write answers on paper or in a program such as Microsoft Word (It is not interactive.)
  • Receive the materials in a digital PDF format.
  • Most budget-friendly option.
  • Downloads as a .zip file for you to unzip and save on your device.
    • Choose a file location that is easily remembered for easy access to your course.
    • Save a backup copy on a different device or thumb drive.

Preview samples of Paradigm American History 1 and 2 at the publisher’s website

High School

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Paradigm Character and Skills for Home and Careers Set.

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