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Savvas Miller Levine Biology Kit

Teach High School Biology at home with a complete secular-based biology package—including print and digital content.

The new Miller & Levine Biology homeschool bundle is here! Developed by two preeminent biologists and passionate educators, Ken Miller and Joe Levine, this blended print and digital curriculum immerses homeschool students in biological inquiry. [NOTE: This is a secular science curriculum.] [Features…]

Biology Bundle

Savvas Miller & Levine Biology Homeschool Kit 9781418400767.
Miller & Levine Biology Kit
Savvas Learning Company
ISBN-13: 9781418400767
High School

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Miller and Levine Biology Homeschool Bundle

By Kenneth R. Miller & Joseph S. Levine, Publisher: Savvas Learning Company

ISBN-13: 9781418400767

With this secular course, students will think, investigate, and talk about biology. They will interact with natural phenomena through problem-based learning, research, and lab experiments.

Each Miller & Levine Biology Homeschool Kit includes:

  • 1 Student Edition ISBN-13: 9780328925124 Hardcover text with 953 pages.
  • 1 Homeschool Digital Access Card** ISBN-13: 9780328972609 Digital components come with a 1-year online subscription.

**NOTE: The Homeschool Digital Access Card comes in your print package. Please locate it as soon as you open your package(s). It has the instructions you need to access your online digital content on the Savvas Realize™ Digital Platform. Your Order Number is needed when you apply for access. It is located on the label on the box. If you misplace it by accident, please contact us and we can help.

Features of Miller Levine Biology

  • Miller & Levine Biology immerses students in phenomena-based lessons through Problem-Based Learning and Case Studies.
    • Launch every chapter with an open-ended scientific problem or question.
    • Learning connects to the Case Stude in activities, figures, and assessment prompts.
    • Students gather data, cite evidence, and apply scientific reasoning to develop argument-driven discussions with their peers as they Make Their Case. [Could work in a homeschool co-op setting.]
  • Engage in inquiry labs, STEM activities, and interactivities.
  • Investigate key questions, apply scince and engineering practices, and interpret data.
  • Virtual Lab Simulations offer immersive interactive learning and point-of-use quizzes. Based on real scientivic case studies and data.
  • Animations and Interactive Media
  • Scientists at Work career videos
  • Spreadsheet data analysis tutorials
  • Quick Labs for students to explore with hands-on inquiry experiences, analyze and interpret data
  • Reach all students with support in the TE for English learners, special needs students, less proficient readers, struggling students, and advanced students.
  • Table of Contents

Preview Overview Brochure and Sample Labs at the publisher’s website to learn more about Miller & Levine Biology.

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Grades 9-10

List $143.00

Price $113.99

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Table of Contents

  • About the Authors
  • Program Consultants and Reviewers
  • Standards at a Glance
  • Letters from the Authors
  • Unit 1: The Nature of Life
    • Chapter 1: The Science of Biology
    • Case Study: Biology and technology solve problems
    • Lesson 1.1: What Is Science?
    • Lesson 1.2: Science in Context
    • Lesson 1.3: Patterns of Life
    • Case Study Wrap-Up: Biology and technology solve problems
    • Chapter 1 Study Guide
    • Performance-Based Assessment: Investigating Hydroponics
    • Chapter 1 Assessment
    • Chapter 1 End-of-Course Test Practice
    • Chapter 2: The Chemistry of Life
  • Unit 2: Ecology
    • Chapter 3: The Biosphere
    • Chapter 4: Ecosystems
    • Chapter 5: Populations
    • Chapter 6: Communities and Ecosystem Dynamics
    • Chapter 7: Humans and Global Change
  • Unit 3: Cells
    • Chapter 8: Cell Structure and Function
    • Chapter 9: Photosynthesis
    • Chapter 10: Cellular Respiration
    • Chapter 11: Cell Growth and DivisionUnit 4: Genetics
  • Unit 4: Genetics
    • Chapter 12: Introduction to Genetics
    • Chapter 13: DNA
    • Chapter 14: RNA and Protein Synthesis
    • Chapter 15: The Human Genome
    • Chapter 16: Biotechnology
  • Unit 5: Evolution
    • Chapter 17: Darwin’s Theory of Evolution
    • Chapter 18: Evolution of Populations
    • Chapter 19: Biodiversity and Classification
    • Chapter 20: History of Life
  • Unit 6: Diversity of Life
    • Chapter 21: Viruses, Prokaryotes, Protists, and Fungi
    • Chapter 22: Plants
    • Chapter 23: Plant Structure and Function
    • Chapter 24: Animal Evolution, Diversity, and Behavior
    • Chapter 25: Animal Systems I
    • Chapter 26: Animal Systems II
    • Chapter 27: The Human Body
  • A Visual Guide to the Diversity of Life
  • Lab Skills Handbook
  • Science and Engineering Practices
  • Appendix

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