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Savvas enVision A | G | A Homeschool Bundles for High School

Teach algebra and geometry at home with complete homeschool math bundles—standards/mastery-based and affordable.

Offering the flexibility of print, digital, or blended instruction, enVision A | G | A helps students look at math in new ways. For homeschool instructors, enVision offers a flexible choice of options and resources. Customize instruction, practice, and assessments. Re-energize students and help them become more self-directed and independent learners.Try enVision®, the best-selling math program in the United States! [Features…]

Savvas enVision Algebra 1 Homeschool Kit ISBN-9781418340377.
Homeschool Kit
ISBN-13: 9781418340377
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Savvas enVision Geometry Homeschool Kit ISBN-13: 9781418340391.
Homeschool Kit
ISBN-13: 9781418340391
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Savvas enVision Algebra 2 Homeschool Kit ISBN-13: 9781418340384.
Homeschool Kit
ISBN-13: 9781418340384
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Features of Savvas™ enVision A | G | A—Complete Homeschool Packages for High School

  • Mathematical modeling, adaptive practice, and individual study plans make learning more personal and relevant.
    • Embedded Interactives powered by Desmos
    • Mathematical modeling in 3 acts
    • Student Companion interactive worktext
    • Adaptive practice powered by Knewton
  • Instructional content is available to interact with offline or online via the next-generation Realize Reader:
    • Complete and submit lesson launches and formative assessments
    • Work through interactive examples
    • Access embedded interactives powered by Desmos
    • Available on a wide array of devices
  • STEM Projects provide opportunities for students to explore situations that address real social, economic, and environmental issues that foster mathematical connections across topics.
  • Engages students through a focus on different learning styles. The digital interactive experience powered by Desmos fosters conceptual understanding with a deep emphasis on visual learning and multiple representations. The student companion provides a worktext option that increases students’ ownership of their instruction.
  • Offers every student a truly individualized learning pathway. Individual study plans fill in gaps on prerequisite knowledge and help students focus where they need to focus to experience success in high school mathematics. Unlimited digital practice and daily adaptive practice provide teachers with options to support struggling students.
  • Create critical thinkers, problem solvers, and collaborators for future jobs and careers. enVision A|G|A balances conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and application.
  • Leverage technology and save hours of your time! Use ready-made assessments, practice, remediation, and reports. enVision A|G|A makes it easy to customize everything.
  • See the Savvas enVision A|G|A Overview.
  • Learn more about Savvas enVision A|G|A Digital.
  • Watch an online video tutorial to learn how to set up your online content: Getting Started with Savvas Realize – Log-in and Home Page Navigation

Each enVision A|G|A Homeschool Bundle includes:

  • Student Edition includes all the instructional content.
  • Student Companion is a two-color consumable student worktext.
  • Student Assessment Readiness Workbook provides standards based practice and tests to help students prepare for high-stakes assessments.
  • Instructor Assessment Resource Book provides all diagnostic and summative assessment masters in one convenient place.
  • One-year of Student and Teacher digital access to Savvas Realize™, the online learning system for enVision A|G|A. [Formerly called Pearson Realize™]
    Log-on to view and use all program materials at your computer. 
  • Delivery Method: Blended (Print & Digital)
    Device: Tablet, Computer
    Operating System: Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, Mac OS

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