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Notgrass Exploring Government 4th Edition

Study United States Government With the Option for English Credit

For students in ninth through twelfth grades, Notgrass Exploring Government Fourth Edition is a complete one-semester government course. Providing Christian-based homeschool social studies curriculum for all grades, the Notgrass Company writes and publishes academic courses you can trust. [Features]

Notgrass Exploring Government Curriculum Bundle 4th Edition 9781609991807.
Curriculum Bundle
Exploring Government
Exploring Government Kit with Student Review Pack.
Kit With Student Review Pack
Exploring Government
High School
Notgrass Exploring Government Curriculum Package 4th Edition 9781609991739.
Curriculum Package
Exploring Government

Exploring Government Bundle

Notgrass Exploring Government Curriculum Bundle 9781609991807.
Curriculum Bundle
Exploring Government
ISBN-13: 9781609991807
High School

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Exploring Government Curriculum Bundle 4th Edition

By Ray Notgrass, Publisher: Notgrass Company

ISBN-13: 9781609991807

Exploring Government is a one-semester course designed for high school students. Students will study Federal, state and local government with 15 weekly units. There is a particular emphasis on the Biblical basis for government and the U.S. Constitution.

From the Notgrass Company, the Exploring Government Bundle includes one of each of the following books.

  • Exploring Government Text [9781609991784] Hardcover textbook features 75 engaging lessons with hundreds of colorful photographs and historic illustrations.
  • We Hold These Truths [9781609991791] A collection of historic speeches, essays, and documents on American government.
  • Exploring Government Student Review Pack [9781609991777] includes one of each of the following items:
    • Student Review Book [9781609991760] has review questions for each lesson and literary analysis for each literature title.
    • Quiz and Exam Book [9781609991753] includes a quiz for each unit and three exams that cover five units each.
    • Guide for Parents and Answer Key [9781609991746] includes
      • Information for parents and on teaching the course
      • Notes about the literature
      • Answers for all of the lesson review questions, quizzes, and exams in the Quiz and Exam Book.
  • Literature Package In the literature guide that comes with the set, the authors have written a synopsis of each book, why it is important, and includes notes to parents. The literature package includes of of each item:
    • Mornings on Horseback By David McCullough ISBN-13: 9780671447540
      “Mornings on Horseback” is the brilliant biography of the young Theodore Roosevelt. Hailed as “a masterpiece” (John A. Gable, “Newsday” ), it is the winner of the “Los Angeles Times” 1981 Book Prize for Biography and the National Book Award for Biography. Written by David McCullough, the author of “Truman,” this is the story of a remarkable little boy, seriously handicapped by recurrent and almost fatal asthma attacks, and his struggle to manhood: an amazing metamorphosis seen in the context of the very uncommon household in which he was raised.” Used with Units 1-4. Paperback
    • The Autobiography of Calvin Coolidge By Calvin Coolidge, Editor: Amity Shlaes and Matthew Denhart ISBN-13: 9781610171632
      “Coolidge’s masterful autobiography offers urgent lessons for our age of exploding debt, increasingly centralized power, and fierce partisan division. For all his modesty, Coolidge left an expansive legacy–one we would do well to study today. Shlaes and ­coeditor ­Matthew Denhart draw out the lessons from Coolidge’s life and career in an enlightening introduction and annotations to Coolidge’s text. The editors have also assembled nearly three dozen photographs, several of Coolidge’s greatest speeches, a timeline of Coolidge’s life, and afterwords by former Vermont governor James H. Douglas and two of Coolidge’s great-grandchildren, Jennifer Coolidge Harville and Christopher Coolidge Jeter. This autobiography combats the myths about one of our most misunderstood presidents.” Used with Units 5-6. Paperback
    • Born Again By Charles Colson ISBN-13: 9780800794590
      “In 1974 Charles W. Colson pleaded guilty to Watergate-related offenses and, after a tumultuous investigation, served seven months in prison. In his search for meaning and purpose in the face of the Watergate scandal, Colson penned Born Again. This unforgettable memoir shows a man who, seeking fulfillment in success and power, found it, paradoxically, in national disgrace and prison.
      This expanded edition includes a brand-new introduction and a new epilogue by Colson, recounting the writing of his bestselling book and detailing some of the ways his background and ministry have brought hope and encouragement to so many.” Used with Units 7-11. Paperback
    • God and Ronald Reagan By Paul Kengor ISBN-13: 9780060571429
      “Ronald Reagan is hailed today for a presidency that restored optimism to America, engendered years of economic prosperity, and helped bring about the fall of the Soviet Union. Yet until now little attention has been paid to the role Reagan’s personal spirituality played in his political career, shaping his ideas, bolstering his resolve, and ultimately compelling him to confront the brutal — and, not coincidentally, atheistic — Soviet empire.
      In this groundbreaking book, political historian Paul Kengor draws upon Reagan’s legacy of speeches and correspondence, and the memories of those who knew him well, to reveal a man whose Christian faith remained deep and consistent throughout his more than six decades in public life.” Used with Units 12-15. Paperback

List $171.98

Price $150.00

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Features of 4th Edition Exploring Government by Notgrass Company

  • Includes updated statistics, new photographs, illustrations, and Charts.
  • New and updated lessons relating to election integrity, decisions of the Supreme Court, and international relations.
  • Educate and inspire your student about the federal, state, and local government.
  • Study contemporary issues in United States Government.
  • It places emphasis on the Biblical basis for government and on the U.S. Constitution
  • There are 15 weekly units with 75 lessons.
  • Weekly project ideas include a writing assignment and two other creative assignments such as building a model, making a video, or conducting research.
  • The fourth edition is printed in full-color with a hardcover.
  • Your student can earn one semester of credit in American Government if you use the course as written.
  • Optional: Earn 1/2 credit in English with the literature component.
  • For your second-semester social studies course, why not try Notgrass Exploring Economics!
  • Review activities and tests are available and optional.
  • Download samples [Opens in a new window at the publisher’s website.]
  • Also available as a Kit with the Student Review Pack or as a Curriculum Package with only the text and readings.
  • For the Optional English Credit Additional Literature Books are Necessary (NOT INCLUDED IN THE KIT or the CURRICULUM PACKAGE)
  • You can choose to add an optional half-year credit in English by reading these books and completing the writing assignments. These books should be available at your local library or on inter-library loan. ISBNs included to help you find them if you wish to purchase.

Grades 9-12

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