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Words Their Way Homeschool Bundle K-5th

Supplement Your Literacy Program with Phonics, Spelling, and Vocabulary in a Complete Homeschool Package

This is a complete K-5th vocabulary and spelling program that includes everything you need for one student and one teacher with 6-year digital license. Each lesson has a group of words that have been “sorted” together by common elements. The “sort” can be words with the same consonant, vowel sound, blend, or word root. 

Encourage your child to look closely at words to discover the regularities and conventions of written English needed to read and spell. [See Features…]

Homeschool Package

Words Their Way Homeschool Package for K-5th 9781428444294.
Words Their Way Classroom 2019 Homeschool Package
ISBN-13: 9781428444294

List $174.50

Price $139.49

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Words Their Way Classroom 2019 Homeschool Bundle

Publisher: Savvas Learning Company [Formerly Pearson K12 Learning]

ISBN-13: 9781428444294

Features of 2019 Words Their Way Homeschool Package

  • Build your child’s word knowledge. (Rather than rely on rote memorization!)
  • Daily word-building activities take just 15 minutes.
  • Develop foundational skills for reading and writing.
  • Hands-on cards and online interactives–fun and engaging!
  • Sort words by sound/alphabet, pattern, and meaning.
  • Help your child analyze words in a deeper way.
  • A diagnostic assessment to help you place your child in the correct developmental levels.
  • Add to any homeschool literacy program.

Kindergarten to 5th Grade [Complete 6-year program for one student and teacher includes 6-year digital access]

Words Their Way Homeschool Package K-5
Words Their Way Homeschool Package K-5

The Words Their Way Classroom 2019 Homeschool Package includes one of each item:

Set of 8 consumable Student Word Study Notebooks

  • The program features 8 consumable Word Study Notebooks.
    • Emergent-Early Letter Name 9781428441866
    • Letter Name Volume 1 9781428441873
    • Letter Name Volume 2 9781428441880 
    • Within Word Patterns Volume 1 9781428441897 
    • Within Word Patterns Volume 2 19781428441903 
    • Syllables and Affixes Volume 1 19781428441910 
    • Syllables and Affixes Volume 2  9781428441927 
    • Derivational Relations 9781428441934
  • Cover all 5 developmental spelling levels
  • Levels 1 and 5 each have one notebook. Levels 2, 3, and 4 have two notebooks per level.
  • Each Word Study Notebook contains:
    • A four-page lesson for each sort.
    • Picture and/or word cards for students to cut out.
    • Grid onto which students sort and glue the cards.
  • Each lesson also contains a written activity that gives students practice in the element that corresponds to the lesson’s sort.

Words Their Way Classroom 2019 Teacher Resource Guide 9781428441941

  • Includes comprehensive instruction and content support to help teachers create an effective word study program.
  • Overview of each developmental level, including assessments.
  • Each instructional lesson provides specific information for teaching the sort.
  • The Interactive Teacher Resources enable interactive learning about the feature of each sort:
    • Display rhymes from the Big Book of Rhymes for teaching concepts of print and words. The rhymes include words that exemplify the sort focus.
    • Interactive sorts show the sort feature and practice the sort.
    • The writing sort allows students to practice letter and word features through writing.
  • Print additional Digital Resources and integrate into your classroom word study:
    • Picture or word cards demonstrate each sort.
    • Games give students additional practice.
    • Blank templates allow you and your students to create your own sorts and games.
    • Develop English Language Arts foundational skills including:
      ⦁ Print concepts
      ⦁ Phonological awareness
      ⦁ Phonics and word recognition
      ⦁ Fluency

Implementation Guide 9781428441958 

  • Use this to place your student into the correct developmental stage workbook.
  • This all-in-one program user’s manual has fresh ideas, background, and informative details about Words Their Way.
  • Helps teacher implement and manage the program to maximize effectiveness.

Homeschool Digital Access Card 19780328972609  for the Savvas Realize™ Digital Platform (6-year Digital Subscription)

NOTE: The Homeschool Digital Access Card comes in your print package. Please locate as soon as you open your package. You need this to access your online digital content.

  • Each Elevate Science Homeschool Kit includes a print component for one student and a digital component for one student and the teacher.
  • Digital components come with a 1-year online subscription to Savvas Realize™ Online Management System.
  • See Savvas Realize Tutorials and Tips.
  • Elevate thinking with rich, relevant content such as videos, virtual labs and interactive activities.
  • Elevate teaching with ability to customize schedule and more.
  • Elevate learning to monitor and analyze student progress and activity.
  • Your student will learn to investigate like a scientist, problem solve like an engineer, and (virtually) explore around the world.
  • A K-8 science program that supports Next Generation Science Standards**

Preview the scope and sequence, sample student book pages, and teacher guide lessons of the program:

List $174.50

Price $139.49

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