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LIFEPAC Language Arts 7 Set 9780867170627

A Complete Language Arts 7 Course for Grammar & Nonfiction—Makes it easy to homeschool!

This is a one-year Christian mastery-based language arts worktext curriculum available in boxed sets for seventh grade. A worktext is a combination of a student text and a workbook. It’s smaller and easier to handle than a large textbook. [Features]

Language Arts 7 Set

LIFEPAC Language Arts 7 Set 9780867170627.
Language Arts 7 Set

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LIFEPAC Language Arts Grade 7 Set

Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications

Item #LAN0715

ISBN-13: 9780867170627

Features of Language Arts 7: Grammar and Nonfiction Course

  • A worktext is a combination student text and workbook in a magazine-size format—Each LIFEPAC worktext includes the subject text, exercises, projects, review, and tests.
  • Each LIFEPAC Language Arts 7 homeschool curriculum set from Alpha Omega is composed of ten LIFEPACs (consumable textbook/workbook combinations) and a Teacher’s guide for that grade and subject.
  • Each LIFEPAC Language Arts Teacher’s Guide has answer keys, alternate tests, assignment instructions, supply lists for projects and experiments, and suggestions for additional activities. Structure and goals for each lesson are in the Teacher’s Guide.
  • If you need to mix and match grade levels or to find out more about the individual subjects, then you can check out our other LIFEPAC subject pages: Bible, Math, Science, and Electives.
  • Includes Spelling.
  • Grammar covers sentence structure: verb forms, phrases, and clauses, and proper usage.
  • Composition basics are taught in earlier grades and progress to specific types of writing (speeches, reports, etc.).
  • Communication skills are put into practice with speech making, conversational etiquette, note taking, and effective interviewing.
  • Additional topics covered in LIFEPAC Language Arts include the Bible as literature, study and research skills, and the nature and history of the English language.

Language Arts 7: Grammar & Nonfiction Topics

  1. Word Usage
  2. More Word Usage
  3. Biographies
  4. Structure of Language
  5. The Nature of English
  6. The Mechanics of English
  7. The Hiding Place: A Study Guide (The Hiding Place reader is included)
  8. Literature
  9. Compositions
  10. Grammar and Nonfiction Review

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Grade 7

Price $133.25

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